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AEW Dark results: Natural Nightmares vs. Dark Order

Excalibur & Taz were on commentary.

The Butcher & The Blade (w/ Eddie Kingston) defeated Faboo Andre & D3

Butcher and Blade will be in the Casino Battle Royal, and they attacked before the bell. Andre escaped and celebrated, but Blade cut him off and he and Butcher hit a leg drop side slam combination. They isolated Andre in the corner with frequent tags. 

Andre escaped with a hurricanrana and tagged in D3, but Blade and Butcher hit a backdrop chokeslam which was broken up by Andre. They dispatched Andre and hit Full Death on D3 for the pin.

Allie (with QT Marshall) defeated Red Velvet

Brandi Rhodes joined commentary for this contest. It was back-and-forth at the start, with Allie and Velvet trading strikes and cradles. Velvet offered a handshake, which Allie accepted, but didn't let go; Allie was offended by the offer.

Allie kept up the offense with kicks and knees. Velvet briefly fought back with strikes, but Allie hit the Rabbit Hole for the pin.

Colt Cabana defeated Zack Clayton

Dark Order members joined Cabana for his entrance. Clayton has good size. There were story moments early on where both Stu Grayson and Evil Uno came ringside to admonish Cabana for breaking holds and following the rules. Once on the entrance ramp, Cabana snapped and slammed his opponent into the turnbuckle.

Clayton briefly fought back with a strong uppercut, but Cabana countered into the Chicago Skyline. He then hit a discus lariat for the pinfall.

Dasha interviewed Peter Avalon and Leva Bates. Avalon broke up his Initiative tag team with Brandon Cutler earlier this week. He accused Cutler of dragging down the team, and challenged him to a one-on-one match.

Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix) defeated Ryzin & Angel Perez

Kingston did not join the Lucha Bros for this match. Fenix hit a wacky assisted springboard armdrag at the start, then tagged in Pentagon, who hit his signature overhand chops. Perez briefly got some offense, but Pentagon hit a slingblade, and Fenix hit an imperfect twisting Yoshi Tonic followed by a destroyer. The Lucha Bros then hit a combination piledriver for the squash pin.

Post-match, Kingston and the Butcher and the Blade came out and celebrated. Kingston cut a promo insisting that one of these four men would win the Casino Battle Royal, but the four couldn't decide on who would win. Kingston united them all with a hug in the end. 

Ivelisse defeated Kylin King

Ivelisse, along with Diamante, won the recent AEW Deadly Draw women's tag tournament. King came out strong with power moves, but Ivelisse escaped and hit a rebound swinging DDT for a quick two-count. There was a long heat segment. Ivelisse kept up the offense with lots of strikes and a leg nelson. 

King made a comeback with an overhead kick and a German suplex for two. Diamante distracted King and Ivelisse took advantage, eventually hitting the Code Red for the pin. This was a bit too back-and-forth for my taste, and I don't think Ivelisse should need a distraction to beat the winless King.

The Dark Order (Alex "3" Reynolds & John "4" Silver) defeated Shawn Dean and Brandon Bullock

The announcers emphasized the "numbers" of the Dark Order members in this match, as well as the main event. Silver hit a quick takedown early on and went for a rear naked choke, but Dean maintained the guard. Reynolds went for a power move but Dean escaped, and he and Bullock hit combination moves. Silver blind tagged Reynolds for the heat, as Reynolds and Silver maintained the advantage on Bullock.

Dean and Bullock made a comeback with a double DDT, then Dean and Silver had a striking battle. They let Bullock tag in and hit him with the stereo flipping DDT finish for the victory. This was one of the better Dark matches over the last month –– Reynolds and Silver are an extremely talented team between the ropes, and they just need more wins to establish themselves. 

Backstage, Leva Bates was pleading with Brandon Cutler. Cutler accepted Peter Avalon's challenge in a rather unconvincing promo.

Darby Allin defeated Luther

Luther attacked Allin before the bell and drove his knee into the ring post. Back in the ring, Luther continued to target the knee. Allin fought back by kicking out Luther's knee and applying a Fujiwara armbar with joint manipulation. Luther reached the ropes and continued the attack on Allin's knee, concluding a barrage of offense with a sick backdrop driver for two. 

Every time Allin attempted a comeback, Luther would cut him off with an attack to the knee. Luther eventually whiffed on a cannonball attempt in the corner, and Allin hit a Coffin Drop to the outside. Back in, Allin hit another coffin drop to escape with the win. This match was very entertaining, but I don't love Allin working from below for 80% of the match.

The Natural Nightmares (Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall) (with Brandi Rhodes & Allie) defeated The Dark Order (5 and 10)

Instead of being Alan Angels and Preston Vance, the Dark Order are simply "5 and 10". 

The Natural Nightmares attacked before the bell. They kept up their attack until Marshall was sent outside and met with a diving stomp from 5. The Dark order maintained a long beatdown of the Marshall with quick tags and power moves. Marshall almost made a tag, but 10 pulled Rhodes off the apron. 

Rhodes eventually got the hot tag and ran wild with his dropdown strike, an atomic drop, and the Rhodes bulldog. A roll-up on Rhodes almost got 10 the pinfall. Marshall hit 10 with the Diamond Cutter, and Rhodes hit the Final Reckoning on 5 for the pinfall. This was a solid main event, if a bit short.

Final Thoughts:

This was the best episode of AEW Dark all summer. It was far more compact, and the three final matches were all extremely entertaining. Additionally, the Excalibur/Taz commentary team is excellent and they furthered the fun Avalon/Cutler angle.