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AEW Dark results: Ricky Starks vs. Ben Carter, Kiss vs. Serpentico

In a space time continuum-type deal, this week's show, the first since last Saturday's All Out, featured eight matches that were taped before All Out.

Will Hobbs defeated Sean Legacy

Hobbs was fresh off his big performance in the Casino Battle Royale and as such, this was his first AEW victory. Across from him was Legacy who was making his AEW debut. The match was a pure squash built around Hobbs displaying feats of strength using his size. He hit a variety of suplexes and won with an Oklahoma Stampede.

FTW Champion Brian Cage defeated Tony Donati

This was another straight-up squash. Cage came out with the FTW Championship and hit a release German suplex at the bell, followed by an overhead belly-to-belly which landed Donati right on his head. The extent of Donati's offense was a couple forearms, which just made Cage mad. Cage finished him off with Weapon X.

Angélico defeated Griff Garrison

Angélico had a very good singles match with Frankie Kazarian on last week's Dark and the announcers continued to emphasize his llavero technical submission wrestling. The story of the match was that Garrison couldn't keep up with Angélico's pure wrestling aptitude. 

Garrison made a couple comeback attempts with forearms, but was foiled with a hold transition every time. Eventually, clotheslines and a big boot put Garrison on top. He hit a spinning power bomb for two, but Angélico fought out of another attempt, reversing it into an inverted figure-four for the submission victory.

Anna Jay defeated Skyler Moore

The three Dark Order tag teams joined Jay for her entrance. This was Jay's second singles match since becoming a member of the group. She has a great look and real presence, but between the ropes, there is a lot of room for improvement. This match wasn't a squash and, in fact, it was pretty evenly matched throughout. Even though it was quick, it was mostly lifeless.

After some back-and-forth action, Jay took control with a back rake and a rope-hang stomp. She then applied the katahajime (the hold she used to choke out Brandi Rhodes) out of nowhere and Moore tapped out.

Eddie Kingston defeated Lee Johnson

This was Kingston's first win in AEW as his only other singles match was his failed TNT Championship challenge agains then-champion Cody. Kingston dominated at the start with power moves. Johnston made a comeback with strikes and a Blue Thunder Bomb for two, but Kingston hit the Kitchen Sink and a spinning back fist for three.

Sonny Kiss defeated Serpentico

Serpentico was coming off a loss to Kiss' tag partner Joey Janela at the All Out pre-show. This match was quick and all action. Serpentico got a couple near falls towards the beginning from some elbow drops, but Kiss fought back with a springboard split leg drop for two, followed by a flatliner for another nearfall.

The finish saw Serpentico counter Kiss's bridging escape with a jumping stomp, following it up with a short DDT. Serpentico attempted a corner lariat, but Kiss evaded and hit a flipping seated senton for the win.

Ricky Starks defeated Ben Carter

Carter's AEW debut came in the Dark main event. He was very impressive and showed great athleticism, good fundamentals and crisp striking, which resulted in a quality match. For some reason, the camera kept cutting to Vickie Guerrero cheering Starks on at ringside. Starks offered a handshake at the bell, but it was a ruse as he surprised Carter with a slap. The two performed some solid chain wrestling to start.

Starks beat down Carter for a few minutes, displaying his heel mannerisms the whole way. Carter fought back with machine gun chops in the corner but was dropped with a boot and a back suplex. Carter regained the advantage with a schoolboy, a thrust kick, and a frog splash, but missed a phoenix splash. Starks hit a great spear and the Roshambo for the pinfall.

Final Thoughts:

This week's edition of Dark was all about giving decisive wins to AEW's midcard wrestlers. The main event was action packed, and while there weren't any great matches beyond that, the show moved at a brisk pace and nothing was bad. There was no semblance of any of the overarching stories that Dark has been telling (most notably The Initiative's breakup) as this show was clearly built for the Dynamite regulars.