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AEW Dark results: Riho & Sakazaki vs. Baker & Ford

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The Big News: Britt Baker finally defeated Riho, but it was in tag team action with loads of interference by Kip Sabian.


This was a special pre-AEW Revolution episode of Dark. If you recall there was one unseen dark match on the night of the pay-per-view. Tonight we will get that and a whole bunch of exclusive interviews in a special condensed 20-minute episode.


We started the show with a recap of Colt Cabana debuting during The Buy In and helping SCU run off The Dark Order.

We then went backstage with an interview with Cabana. He said he always brings his gear and was lucky to do it on Saturday. He mentioned wrestling with Matt & Nick Jackson, Cody, and Kenny Omega for decades and was happy to jump in.

Cabana said he's at his peak and is wrestling in Japan, Australia, and now on TNT. He said the revolution has begun and challenged the Dark Order, saying he has SCU's back.


Christopher Daniels was talking to Lexi Nair elsewhere. He realized all the lies and half truths the Dark Order has been offering and the biggest lie is The Exalted One. The Exalted One is a lie and there is no one behind Evil Uno and Stu Grayson. SCU and Cabana will do everything they can to cut the cancer of The Dark Order out of AEW.


Up next we checked in with Kris Statlander, who was disappointed about losing to Nyla Rose. Maybe today wasn't the day the Galaxy's Greatest took the belt, but maybe next time she'd be more down to earth.


PAC was up next and told Lexi it was none of her business why The Lucha Brothers were out there. PAC said AEW matchmakers should be ashamed because the condition that Orange Cassidy is in is on their hands.

Jon Moxley vs. PAC next, amIrite?


Dr. Britt Baker, DMD & Penelope Ford (w/ Kip Sabian) defeated Riho & Yuka Sakazaki

Sabian made Justin Roberts hold the ring ropes open for him and then just leaped over the top anyway.

Sakazaki attacked Baker at the bell, still angry about Baker forcibly removing one of her teeth last month. Sabian tried to get involved on the other side of the ring, but Riho took care of him. Riho and Sakazaki worked pretty well together and I'd love to see them wrestle as a team on Dynamite sometime.

Sakazaki was steamrolling Ford when Sabian tripped her from outside the ring. While the referee told him off, Baker ran in and did a curb stomp to Sakazaki before legally tagging in.

Baker and Ford worked over the jaw of Sakazaki, showing great psychology and playing off the prior match. Sabian distracted the referee again, allowing the heels to double team. The fans were not pleased and told Sabian that he sucked.

Riho finally made the hot tag and used one of the fastest crucifixes you'll ever see. Sabian prevented Riho from diving, so Sakazaki dove over the top rope onto both Baker and Ford. Riho then dove onto Sabian on the outside. Inside the ring, Riho almost got the pin over The Doctor with a double foot stomp.

Eventually, however, Baker slapped on the Lockjaw on Riho for the submission. Riho was fighting it off, but Sabian ran in one last time and stopped Riho's momentum, which allowed Baker to sink her move in deeper.

The show ended with the triumphant heel triumvirate standing tall.


Final Thoughts: This very much had the feeling of the old post-TakeOver episodes of NXT. If you saw it, it was nothing special. If you missed it, you literally missed nothing.