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AEW Dynamite live results: Double or Nothing fallout

AEW Dynamite returns tonight with all the fallout from Saturday's Double or Nothing pay-per-view. The episode will air live from Daily's Place in Jacksonville, Florida. 

A battle royal will be held to determine the first challenger to Cody's TNT Championship. Cody became the inaugural TNT champ with a win over Lance Archer at Double or Nothing on Saturday. The winner of the battle royal will challenge for Cody's title next week. 

After presenting the TNT Championship at Double or Nothing, Mike Tyson is scheduled to appear on Dynamite tonight. Tyson threatened Jake Roberts on Saturday but otherwise was not physically involved on the show. 

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley retained his title against Brodie Lee at Double or Nothing. Moxley will appear tonight, as will his next challenger. Brian Cage, who won the Casino Ladder Match at Double or Nothing, will make his Dynamite debut tonight ahead of challenging for Moxley's title at Fyter Fest.

New AEW Women's Champion Hikaru Shida will be in action on tonight's show. She defeated Nyla Rose in a no DQ, no countout match at Double or Nothing to win the title.

An injury update from Dr. Britt Baker has also been advertised. Baker was injured on last week's Dynamite and was pulled from her scheduled PPV match against Kris Statlander.

A pep rally for The Inner Circle will take place as well. The Inner Circle were defeated by The Elite at Double or Nothing in the inaugural Stadium Stampede match.

The Young Bucks and Matt Hardy were among the winners of the Stadium Stampede match. They'll team up again tonight against Private Party and Joey Janela.

Our coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


A video package recapping Double or Nothing opened the show. 


We next saw a skit with The Inner Circle backstage. Jericho was trying to fire up his team before their pep rally later tonight. 

 Santana and Ortiz ordered too many "Stadium Stampede Champions" shirts, as in a truck filled with them. Jericho looked disappointed. 


The Elite and Matt Hardy were hanging out backstage. Hangman Page said he was going back to the hotel to drink. Kenny Omega offered him some milk and left with him. 

Hardy put over that this was the first time he's ever teamed with The Bucks. Matt and Nick wanted to know which version of Matt they would be teaming with tonight. Hardy broke out some pre-WWF gear. 


The Young Bucks & Matt Hardy defeated Private Party & Joey Janela

Good opener. 

Matt Jackson and Marq Quen began. Janela quickly tagged in and The Elite worked him over. Hardy and Nick did a trademark Hardy Boyz spot when Nick hit a step-up leg lariat in the corner. 

Quen took Nick off the apron with a flying headscissors. Janela hit Nick with a tope suicida. Nick avoided a Silly String. Janela and Nick fought to the floor. Nick accidentally hit The Butcher with a superkick in the audience. Butcher and Blade brawled with the Bucks in the crowd. 

Nick came back with a facebuster on the stage and a destroyer. Hardy and Kassidy got tags. Hardy hit a side effect for a near fall. Hardy hit a double DDT on Private Party, a side effect on Janela, then hit a moonsault on all three for a two count. 

The match broke down. Private Party hit stereo tope con giros on the Bucks. Quen came up selling his left knee. Kassidy went to work on Hardy in the ring but was distracted by Quen being injured on the floor. 

The finish saw the Bucks hit more bang for your buck on Kassidy. Hardy then covered for the pin. 


Hardy checked on Quen after the match and helped him to the back. 


Butcher and Blade jumped The Bucks in the ring and laid them out. 

A black pickup truck pulled up to the arena. 

Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, announced as FTR, made their debut. 

They made their way to the ring and teased an attack on The Bucks but laid out Butcher and Blade instead. They hit a spike piledriver and a Shatter Machine on Butcher and Blade. 

They squared off with the Bucks but left without attacking. 


Jon Moxley entered. He joined the commentary desk. 

Moxley said he's been stuck on the couch since his war with Brodie Lee at Double or Nothing. He said he's here to get a close look at Brian Cage. 


Brian Cage (w/Taz) defeated Lee Johnson

Cage won a quick squash after hitting a buckle bomb, a powerbomb, then hitting his Drill Claw finisher. 


Taz cut a strong promo. He addressed Moxley. He said he respects Moxley and the dues he paid. He said he's the top guy but he's dealing with a different animal in Cage. 

Taz said he wants Moxley to bring his heart to Fyter Fest. He said Cage will rip the heart out of Moxley's chest. 

Taz said beat Cage if you can, survive if Cage lets you. 


Rebel brought Britt Baker to the stage in a wheelchair. Tony Schiavone introduced her. 

Baker said that rule #3 of being a role model is don't hurt the role model. 

She said that the tandem attack on her last week was part of a conspiracy since perhaps the start of AEW. 

Baker said that Kris Statlander being an alien is a crock of shit and she's a conspirator. She said Hikaru Shida is a fake champion who carries a weapon and is a conspirator. She said Nyla Rose typically comes off the top rope with precision and grace, but she hurt her last week and called her a conspirator. 

Baker then named Aubrey Edwards as a conspirator. She said Edwards has been there for all of her injuries and that's not a coincidence. 

Baker said they are all on notice. They tried to take her out but she will be back at All Out. 

Baker wheeled herself away, revealing the back of her wheelchair which read "Roll Model". 


Alex Marvez was backstage with the Inner Circle. Jericho promised cheerleaders, a drum line, presents and more during the pep rally tonight. 

Orange Cassidy wandered in and out of the background of the shot. Jericho asked his partners if they had seen that. Jericho said he'd see Cassidy later. 


Hikaru Shida defeated Christi Jaynes

They did a quick but fairly even match, I would not call this a squash. 

Jaynes did some dancing and hit a springboard armdrag. 

Shida hit a drive-by knee lift on the apron and a vertical suplex for a two count. Jaynes answered with an enzuigiri. Jaynes missed a quebrada which allowed Shida to hit a running knee for a two count. 

Shida then hit her falcon arrow for the pin. 


Cody came to the ring for a promo. 

Cody asked Schiavone if he knew why Tom Brady was his favorite quarterback. HE said it's not because he's a New England guy, he's not welcome in Connecticut. He said it's because Brady was not the first pick. 

Cody said that when Tony Khan started a wrestling company Cody wasn't the first, second or third call. He said that he's not bitter about that, but if he was, that bitterness was absolved by winning the TNT title. 

Cody said Dustin got all the Dusty genes. He said he learned everything about grit from his mom Michelle, a little Cuban lady. 

Cody said if you're someone who's critical of him bell to bell, then judge him by what comes next. He issued an open challenge. 

There were some subtle heel lines in here but was a very good promo. 

During Cody's promo the camera kept cutting to QT Marshall, Allie, Brandi and Dustin in the crowd. 

If you don't watch Dark, they started a storyline this week where Allie is after QT but Brandi wants QT to keep his focus on wrestling. Allie is no longer The Bunny, I guess. 

Horny QT Marshall is not an angle I'm interested in. 


The winner of this next match gets a tag title shot next week. Best Friends get a title shot at Fyter Fest. 


Jimmy Havoc & Kip Sabian (w/Penelope Ford) defeated Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian

Havoc and Sabian have been teaming a bunch on Dark and have turned into a hell of a team. 

What we saw of the match was good but the middle of the match was cut out by a commercial break. 

They started with some fast-paced brawling. Kazarian and Sky cut Havoc off and worked him over for a bit. 

Sabian used a kick to the face from the floor to aid Havoc in cutting off Kazarian. Havoc used an eye poke. Sabian used a back elbow for a one count. 

After a commercial break, Kazarian made a hot tag to Sky. Sky got cut off with a rolling DVD from Havoc. Sabian hit a double stomp off the top for a two count. 

Kazarian hit a leg slice on Sabian from the apron. Kazarian tagged in and hit an assisted DDT for a two count. Kazarian hit a cutter but Sabian broke up the ensuing pin attempt. 

Sky and Kazarian set up SCU Later. Ford tripped Kazarian from the floor to set up the finish. 

Sabian and Havoc have a double team finish where Sabian hits a shotgun dropkick into a Michinoku Driver by Havoc. They hit it on Sky and Havoc got the pin. 


MJF and Wardlow were backstage. MJF said he hasn't had a title shot in AEW and thinks someone in the office has it out for him. 

He said he and Wardlow will be in the battle royal. He said once they're the last two, Wardlow knows what to do. 

Wardlow said "But," and MJF said "But nothing." 

MJF played this off as a rib on Wardlow and walked off. Wardlow acted like maybe he would turn on MJF if they were the last two. 


Santana and Ortiz attacked Orange Cassidy with a mad ball as he entered for the battle royal. 

Jungle Boy won a battle royal for a TNT Championship match next week

Luther was thrown out first and took a nasty bump on the apron on the way out. 

Sonny Kiss was thrown out next. MJF attacked Kiss on the outside after he was tossed. 

Billy Gunn eliminated Colt Cabana. The Dark Order spokesperson handed Cabana a join Dark Order flyer on his way to the back. 

Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon eliminated each other simultaneously during a commercial break. 

Marko Stunt eliminated Christopher Daniels. 

Wardlow press slammed Stunt over the top rope for an elimination. 

MJF and Wardlow eliminated Gunn and Luchasaurus simultaneously. 

Cassidy joined the match. MJF went for a diamond ring shot on Cassidy. Cassidy ducked and MJF hit Wardlow. 

Cassidy and Jungle Boy threw out MJF and Wardlow. Cassidy and Jungle Boy were the final two. 

Cassidy and Jungle Boy had a nice closing sequence. They did some elimination teases. They traded strikes and lariats. 

Jungle Boy tossed Cassidy to the floor with a headscissors for the finish. 


Cody vs. Jungle Boy for the TNT title, Omega and Page vs. Havoc and Sabian for the tag titles, Chris Jericho in action were announced for next week. 


A Stadium Stampede recap aired. The Inner Circle cheerleaders and drumline came to the stage for the pep rally. 


Vickie Guerrero entered in a half-shirt to introduce the members of Inner Circle. Tremendous. 

Sammy Guevara presented participation trophies to his teammates. Santana had individual gifts for everyone including a framed photo of Marc Anthony for Jericho. 

Jericho gave Guevara a scooter and Ortiz a pair of earmuffs that allowed him to hear again. 

Jake Hager wrote a poem for the team. He said he can't wait to run over The Elite with his Tesla. 

Guevara asked Jericho what he really wanted. 

Jericho said he wants Mike Tyson's head on a platter. He said he hasn't forgotten what Tyson did to him on January 11, 2010 on a Monday night. 

He said Tyson turned on him that night and he's been dreaming about getting his hands on his fat head that night. 

Guevara said he couldn't get Tyson's head but he got a cheese platter and some bubbly. Guevara looked for the cheese and bubbly but it was gone. 

Tyson's music hit. He entered with an entourage that included Henry Cejudo and Vitor Belfort. The entourage ate the cheese and drank the bubbly. 

Jericho said he was giving Tyson one chance to apologize or he would knock him out. Tyson said Jericho deserved that ten years ago. Jericho told him to apologize. 

Tyson tore his shirt off and shoved Jericho. The locker room emptied and they did a huge pull-apart.

The show ended with Jericho screaming Tyson's name as Jericho was being held in the ring and Tyson was held on the stage.  

This was well done but it doesn't feel like a needle mover.