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AEW Dynamite live results: Holiday Bash

The Young Bucks will defend the AEW World Tag Team Championships on tonight's Holiday Bash edition of Dynamite. 

Matt and Nick Jackson will face The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens). This will be The Bucks' first defense of the titles since winning them at Full Gear on November 7th. The Acclaimed enter the bout having won eight in a row in AEW, with seven of those wins coming on Dark. 

The Inner Circle's Chris Jericho and MJF will face another rising team, Top Flight (Darius & Daunte Martin). Top Flight have losses in their last three outings in AEW, including in a 12-man tag to The Inner Circle on last week's Dynamite. 

PAC's feud with members of Eddie Kingston's Family continues tonight when he takes on The Butcher in singles competition. 

After weeks of attempting to recruit Dustin Rhodes to The Dark Order, the group's Evil Uno will face Rhodes this evening. Dark Order's Colt Cabana, Alan Angels and Preston Vance will also be in action, facing Jurassic Express in a six-man tag.

AEW Women's World Champion Hikaru Shida will square off with Alex Gracia in singles match tonight. 

Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford are set to announce their wedding date on tonight's show. A Sting interview with Tony Schiavone has also been advertised.  

Our live coverage begins following the conclusion of NBA coverage on TNT.


Chris Jericho & MJF (w/ Jake Hager) defeated Top Flight (Darius Martin & Dante Martin)

This was a great opener, just as good as Top Flight's debut match with the Young Bucks.

Jericho taunted Darius with a slap, so Darius fired out with strikes. Jericho overpowered Darius with strikes of his own before being downed with an enziguiri. Dante tagged in as Top Flight used a double team move. Jericho scouted a drop-down and tagged in MJF to take advantage. A dropkick from Dante sent MJF to the floor.

All four men entered the ring as the older and younger partners faced off. Top Flight simultaneously hit a series of ten corner strikes followed by stereo dropkicks. On the floor, MJF baited Dante into a right hand from Jericho as the Inner Circle regained control.

Inner Circle utilized frequent tags to isolate Dante on their side of the ring. MJF drew Darius into the ring and choked Dante while the referee was distracted. Jericho tried to get a pinfall with his feet on the ropes, but Dante kicked out at two. Dante landed a crossbody for two, which allowed him to reach Darius for the hot tag. 

Darius ran wild on MJF, hitting a Spanish Fly before nailing Jericho with a tope suicida. He followed it up with a missile dropkick on MJF for two, then vaulted off Jericho into a tornado DDT for another two. An O'Connor roll followed by a back bridge nearly got Dante the win before he was caught with a powerbomb by MJF.

Jericho tagged in and landed a Lionsault for two. He tried for the Lion Tamer, but Dante turned it into a cradle for a near fall. There was a crazy spot where Darius got a hot tag and used a sunset flip to send his brother over the top rope onto MJF. Jericho popped up and leveled Darius with a clothesline as they resumed their beatdown. Darius countered a double back body drop into DDTs as Dante dispatched Jericho.

Darius went for a springboard, but Hager pulled him down, and MJF hit the Heatseeker for the pin.

Post-match, Hager took the mic and said that every Inner Circle member has done their job except Wardlow, who is gone on family business. He understands Wardlow is an asset, but he's also an asshole, so next week will be Hager vs. Wardlow.


They played a music video performed by The Acclaimed, where they rapped about the Young Bucks. This was much better than Caster's live rapping.


Sting Interview w/ Tony Schiavone

Schiavone asked how Sting was feeling. He said he's happy to be back in the jungle. Tony then asked why Sting was here and pointed out Darby Allin in the upper deck. Sting said he couldn't answer that in just a few words. He went back in time and reminisced about a meeting with Dusty Rhodes where Rhodes helped get Sting's career started. Sting saw Cody, Dusty's son, and decided he had to be a part of AEW.

Sting was about to address Allin, but Taz interrupted with Team Taz. Taz said that everyone knows Sting only cares about himself. Ricky Starks said that they don't care about Sting, but they're tired of him sticking his nose in their business. They said that if Sting keeps talking about the jungle, he might get hurt.

Team Taz walked down to the ring, but the lights briefly went out, and Allin appeared in the ring -- a bit of editing as Allin was at the top of the building just seconds earlier. Team Taz backed off and Taz said that when Allin defends the TNT Championship against Brian Cage in two weeks, Cage will tear his head off. Cage still wanted a fight, but Team Taz walked off.

Sting and Allin were the only two left in the ring. They stared each other down until the segment ended.


MJF was backstage with a cameraman. He walked into a room where Santana and Ortiz were playing cards. He addressed Santana and talked about how he relates to Santana losing his close relative, as MJF lost his grandfather recently. Santana told him to keep his head up and they shook hands. 


Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus, & Marko Stunt) defeated Dark Order (Colt Cabana, Alan "5" Angels, & Preston "10" Vance)

This was another enjoyable tag match.

Jurassic Express are the #3-ranked AEW tag team. Cabana taunted Stunt's size but was taken down quickly. Angels and Jungle Boy tagged in, where a jackknife pin from the latter got two. A standing dropkick got another two before Stunt tagged back in. Jungle Boy rip-corded Stunt into a splash, but Stunt was forced into the corner where Cabana peppered him with chops.

Stunt escaped to Luchasaurus, who faced off with Vance and downed him with a chop and a slam. Luchasaurus used Stunt as a weapon before Jungle Boy hit an assisted senton for two. Jungle Boy went for a cazadora, but Vance fought out and he and Angels attacked while Cabana distracted the official. A German suplex got two ahead of the break.

Dark Order controlled Jungle Boy throughout the commercial. Back from break, Jungle Boy was downed with a dropkick fallaway slam combination. His signature rebound lariat almost bought Jungle Boy enough time to tag in Luchasaurus, but Angels stopped him. A suplex escape was enough to reach Luchasaurus, who flattened Angels with a wheelbarrow German. He shrugged off a strike from Vance and downed him with the Tail Whip before a standing moonsault on Vance got two.

Stunt tagged in and landed a diving crossbody on Cabana. He went for a tope but was met with a right hand from Vance. Dark Order dispatched Luchasaurus and hit a combination followed by an Angels frog splash for a close near fall. Jungle Boy tagged in and kicked Cabana and Vance off the apron before Luchasaurus tossed Stunt onto the pile. The assisted powerbomb on Angels followed to give Jurassic Express the victory.

After the match, Tony Schiavone came down to the ring for an interview, but FTR and Tully Blanchard interrupted on the video board. Tully called FTR the 2020 Tag Team of the Year. He understands that Jurassic Express wants to take FTR down and move up the rankings, and said that Jurassic Express have two weeks to prepare, as they will wrestle on January 6. Tully said they've worked too hard to have dinosaurs take them down, and told Stunt not to get involved.


Alex Marvez located Kenny Omega and Don Callis at their hotel. Callis called him creepy but had something to get off his chest. He doesn't understand how Khan lets the wrestlers run amok in AEW, referencing PAC coming out and demanding a title match for Fenix. 

Omega had a message for Fenix. He said that Fenix choked in the AEW Tag Title match, the AAA Championship match, and against his own brother in the Title Eliminator. Omega might not just hurt Fenix, he might put him out for good. Luckily, Impact Wrestling would love to have him back, but Callis said maybe not, as Fenix is too injury prone. Omega said that Fenix gets hurt, while he gets titles.

That was a really good interview segment, with both Omega and Callis coming across like a big deal.


Eddie Kingston joined commentary ahead of this match.

PAC (w/ Penta El Zero Miedo) defeated The Butcher (w/ The Blade & The Bunny)

This may have been the best Butcher singles performance yet in AEW. I thought he looked better here than in the title match against Jon Moxley.

They butted heads right away as PAC used his quickness to lay in kicks. Butcher sent PAC to the outside, but PAC made his way back in before Butcher could capitalize. PAC laid in more kicks inside the ring, but Butcher leveled him with a running crossbody.

Butcher maintained control with hard strikes and throws. Penta distracted him, allowing PAC to fight back, but Butcher beat him down with stomps. They went to the outside, where PAC sent Butcher into the barricade, but Butcher fired out with a big boot as the show went to commercial.

Back from break, PAC chopped down Butcher with kicks and followed it up with a missile dropkick. PAC went back up top, but Blade pushed Penta into the ring post, distracting PAC enough to allow Butcher to level him with a lariat. A falling powerbomb from Butcher followed for two.

Kingston tried to relay instructions from commentary, but Butcher was taking too long, so Kingston dropped his headset. Archer ran out to run interference on Kingston, and PAC dropped Butcher with a roundhouse kick. The Black Arrow followed for the win.


Jade Cargill had a message for Brandi Rhodes. She congratulated Brandi on the pregnancy, but called it convenient now that Cargill showed up. All of Brandi's responsibilities will be taken care of in her absence. She had called out Brandi, but with her gone, Cargill demanded a replacement to fight until Brandi comes back.


Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford's Wedding Announcement

Tony Schiavone was with Kip Sabian, Peneope Ford, and Miro as they were about to announce Sabian and Ford's wedding date. Miro told Schiavone to smile more. Sabian said that their wedding isn't just a massive deal for AEW, it's a big deal for everyone at home, because the viewers can't wait for the wedding. He called it the best moment in our small, insignificant lives. 

They were about to announce the wedding date, but the Best Friends' music and video interrupted. However, it was a ruse, as it cut to a video of Trent being loaded into an ambulance with Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy looking on, implying that Miro and Sabian had beaten them up.

The wedding was announced for February 3rd -- a beach wedding for the AEW Beach Break special episode of Dynamite.


Dustin Rhodes (w/ Lee Johnson) defeated Evil Uno (w/ Stu Grayson)

Uno surprised Dustin with a slap before the bell. Dustin fired back with clotheslines and then beat Uno down in the corner. He followed it up with the drop-down right hand, but Uno had the powerslam scouted and sent Dustin to the outside after a stomp. They brawled on the floor, trading strikes the whole way, until Dustin avoided an Uno chop and Uno hit the ring post. 

Back in the ring, Dustin targeted Uno's injured right hand and stomped him down in the corner. Uno avoided a corner clothesline and downed Dustin with a boot, following it up with a senton bomb for two. During the break, a distraction from Uno allowed Grayson to attack.

Uno hit a straight piledriver for a close near fall. Dustin fired back with the flip, flop, and fly, complete with middle fingers. He downed Uno with a boot, but Uno came back with a thrust kick. Dustin won it out of nowhere with a running bulldog, the same move he used to take out Preston "10" Vance last week.

After the match, Uno re-upped his offer to Dustin. Dustin was about to shake his hand, but he kicked Uno instead, so Grayson attacked Dustin from behind. Johnson tried to make the save, but Grayson dispatched him easily. Marshall ran out to make a save of his own but was sent packing by the Dark Order. However, the distraction was enough to allow Johnson to land a double dropkick on both of the Dark Order.


Shawn Spears was interviewed by Tony Schiavone. Spears asked why Schiavone left the industry, and Schiavone said he was burnt out, so Spears said he was the perfect guy for the interview. Spears bet on himself by leaving New York. He never needed the metal slug gimmick because he works better, looks better, and talks better than the rest of the AEW roster, but there's a glass ceiling that Cody and the rest of AEW won't let him grow. 

Schiavone interrupted and asked whether the problem was Spears. Spears called him a piece of sh-t and said he could work anywhere in the world, so he's not coming back until he feels like it.

This is a newsworthy interview, and while Spears' performance was really strong, I don't love the wink-wink nods towards being "held back" from a push.


Hikaru Shida was interviewed ahead of her match with Alex Gracia. She was asked about Abadon, who appeared and attacked before an official sent her packing. Shida's music immediately played, and she made her entrance for the match.

Hikaru Shida defeated Alex Gracia

Shida sent Gracia headfirst into the turnbuckle right away, trying to make quick work of her opponent. Gracia hit a dropkick, but Shida fired back with one of her own, sending Gracia to the floor. Shida leveled Gracia with a forearm for two. Gracia surprised Shida with an inside cradle before landing some offense, but it only got a one count.

Gracia fell victim to a boot and a delayed vertical suplex followed by a draping knee strike. Abadon appeared at ringside, so Shida kicked the barricade into her and pulled her into the ring area. Shida stomped her down and sent her into the barricade before she barely made it into the ring at nine. Gracia applied a cradle for two, but Shida hit a backbreaker and the Falcon Arrow for the win.

After the match, Shida confronted an unconscious Abadon with a kendo stick, but Abadon popped up and attacked with forearms. She then bit Shida's neck like a vampire and fake blood was everywhere.

That was so campy and ridiculous, with Shida bleeding everywhere as Jim Ross calmly promoted the show's main event. Not a fan.


Next week's card for night one of the New Year's Smash Dynamite special:

  • Kenny Omega (c) vs. Rey Fénix for the AEW World Championship
  • Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Abadon for the AEW Women's Championship
  • Jake Hager vs. Wardlow
  • Return of Jon Moxley

Also announced for night two of New Year's Smash, the following week:

  • Darby Allin (c) vs. Brian Cage for the TNT Championship
  • Cody Rhodes vs. Matt Sydal


As always, Caster rapped about the Young Bucks during The Acclaimed's entrance.

AEW Tag Team Championships: The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) (c) vs. The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster)

This was a fantastic match, easily the best performance of The Acclaimed's AEW career, which re-affirmed that the Bucks are the best tag team in the world.

Matt and Caster started off, and Matt got the better of their initial exchange. Bowens tagged in, but the Bucks easily downed him and suplexed Caster onto his partner. Nick then landed their signature assisted double dropkick, followed by a pair of baseball slides on the outside. Matt speared Caster on the floor and the Bucks followed it up with a splash moonsault combination.

Back in the ring, Nick landed an assisted diving double foot stomp onto Bowens. Caster tripped Matt, allowing The Acclaimed to take control. They hit a combination thrust kick for two. Nick got a blind tag into a sprinboard crossbody on Bowens. He continued to run wild, hitting his slingshot facebuster followed by a moonsault on the floor. Bowens got his knees up on a Nick senton, and Caster dropped Nick onto the apron as The Acclaimed took control heading into the break.

Nick nearly reached Matt for the hot tag, but Bowens pulled Matt off the apron and The Acclaimed cut Nick off. Nick dodged a clothesline and Matt tagged in, landing strikes on both opponents before catching them both with a DDT. Matt baited Caster to the floor, where he was met with a soccer kick from Nick. Matt hit his sequence of Northern Lights suplexes and stepped through into the Sharpshooter. 

Caster tried to break up the submission, but Matt challenged him to hit harder. Nick pulled Caster to the floor as they each applied Sharpshooters before Bowens reached the ropes for a break. An escalera Doomsday Device followed for two. Caster crotched Nick on the top turnbuckle and followed it up with two suplexes, one assisted, before Matt broke up the pin.

Nick reached Matt for his second hot tag. Matt and Caster eschanged strikes until Caster raked Matt's eyes. There was a parade of superkicks and strikes until Caster avoided one more, and Nick inadvertently hit referee Rick Knox. They hit a low blow and a boombox shot on Matt as Paul Turner ran down to make the count, but Nick kicked out at two.

The Acclaimed set up for an Indytaker, and a superkick allowed Matt to powerbomb Bowens through the timekeeper's table. With Caster isolated, the Bucks hit the BTE Trigger to retain the titles.

The Bucks posed to close the show.