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AEW Dynamite live results: Two title matches

AEW Dynamite airs live tonight from the H.E.B. Center in Austin, Texas.

Two title matches are set for the show. Riho will defend her AEW Women's Championship against Nyla Rose, while AEW Tag Team Champions Kenny Omega & Hangman Page will put their titles on the line against former champions SCU.

Rose attacked Riho in a backstage segment last week at the behest of PAC. PAC has repeatedly attacked Omega's friends in hopes of goading Omega into accepting a match with him. PAC and Omega are now set to face off in a 30-minute iron man match in two weeks. 

Number one contender Jon Moxley will take on Inner Circle member Santana in a match being billed as "eye for an eye." After being spiked in the eye by Inner Circle leader Chris Jericho last month, Moxley retaliated by jabbing a car key into Santana's left eye on last week's Dynamite.

MJF will take on Jungle Boy in singles action, and Dustin Rhodes vs. Sammy Guevara rounds out the announced card. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 


A Dark Order video interrupted the pre-match. Evil Uno said the Dark Order are more than four, some of them may be closer than you think, and they are awaiting the arrival of The Exalted One. Uno said they will strike soon. 

Christopher Daniels left ringside, motioning that he was going to go backstage to keep an eye out for Dark Order. The announcers speculated that Daniels could be aligned with Dark Order. 


There were a couple of teases where it looked as though Page might accidentally hit Omega, but they didn't deliver on them. Page and Omega worked well together. A very good opener. 

Omega and Page hit some tandem offense on Kazarian. Sky interfered from the apron. Omega teased a terminator dive, but Sky tripped him, then hit his own tope con giro to Page. Omega followed with a terminator dive to hit Sky. 

Omega hit a missile dropkick and a Kotaro Krusher to Sky. Page hit a fall-away slam. Kazarian and Page brawled on the outside. Kazarian got the best of it, then tagged in. Sky and Kazarian worked Omega over. Sky sent him into the barricade and the edge of the ring. 

Sky and Kazarian worked over Omega's back. Omega finally made a hot tag to Page. Page hit a standing shooting star on Sky for a near fall. Page tried for a Buckshot Lariat, but Sky ducked, then Kazarian hit Page with a lariat. 

Sky and Kazarian used dueling dragon sleepers on both Omega and Page. The ref refused to call for a submission with everyone in. Page and Kazarian were legal. Omega made a blind tag and hit a V-Trigger to Kazarian, then a snap dragon to Sky. 

Omega hit a V-Trigger to Kazarian. Page hit a tope suicida to Sky. Page and Omega then hit a combo lariat/V-Trigger on Kazarian. Omega covered for the pin. 


After the match, Page drank beer with fans. Omega disappeared. SCU remained in the ring. Dark Order entered and surrounded the ring. Daniels was notably absent. Best Friends ran down to even the sides. Butcher, Blade, Jack Evans, Angelico, then finally The Young Bucks ran down. They had a chaotic brawl, previewing next week's tag team battle royal. 


The announcers hyped the card for the rest of the evening, then threw to a pre-taped interview with Santana, conducted by JR. 

Santana told a story about being in a deep depression ten years ago, feeling like it was dark all the time. He called his father. His father was blind and said that's how he felt every day. Santana said his father died before he could say goodbye. 

Hell of a babyface promo here by the guy in the top heel faction. 

JR asked if Santana should be pissed off at Jericho rather than Moxley, given that Moxley's attack on Santana last week was about revenge. Santana said no, Moxley had a choice to join Inner Circle, but didn't. So now he's going to make Moxley know what it's like not to see. 


Excalibur threw it to a Darby Allin video. He held up a series of threats towards Jericho written on cardboard. He vowed to get to Jericho, then asked if Sammy Guevara was busy at Revolution. He then held up a drawing of Guevara saying "kissing Jericho's ass gave me herpes."


Consecutive segments here where the idea behind the content was very good, but the content itself was not very good. 



Rhodes came out firing right hands. Rhodes and Jake Hager had a staredown. It really exposes Hager standing next to Dustin. They're the same height. Rhodes threw up the Texas Longhorns symbol, mocking Hager, the Sooner. 

During an ad break, Hager tripped Dustin from the floor, allowing Guevara to cut him off. 

Back from commercial, Rhodes made a comeback. He hit his drop down throat thrust, then hit a powerslam for a two count. Dustin climbed to the second rope, teasing a moonsault. He was distracted by Hager. Rhodes recovered and crotched Guevara on the top rope. 

Rhodes twice fought off strikes from Guevara on the top rope, throwing him back to the mat. Rhodes hit a destoryer, then hit the Final Reckoning for the pin. 

Rhodes cut a promo after the match. He called Hager "Jericho's bitch." Rhodes said Hager is failing in MMA and failing here before he's even started. He said Hager broke his arm and he wants a piece of his ass at Revolution. Well. 

Rhodes asked the crowd if they wanted to see the match, and they did. Hager walked off without accepting. 


We saw a replay of Britt Baker knocking out Yuka Sakazaki's teeth last week. 

Tony Schiavone introduced Baker for an interview segment. This was a fun promo. 

Baker said that Yuka's tooth had decay and an abcess and needed to come out anyway, so she did her a favor. She used a bunch of dental terminology. She ragged on Tony, calling him Mr. Starbucks again. Has that ever been explained on TV, or is this AEW's version of the Bischoff using the scissors line on Arn Anderson, expecting a response?

Baker then heeled on the fans, calling them a bunch of fat Whataburger faces. Whataburger rules. 

Baker said this is her division, she has three degrees, she was the first woman signed to AEW, and what she did last week was make a statement. 



Riho went after Rose in the corner before the bell, throwing strikes. Rose hit some power offense. Riho slid out of a cover with a back bend, then used a tijeras. She tried a dive, but Rose caught her, then slammed her on the apron. 

Rose set up a table on the floor. She continued working on Riho through a commercial break. 

Back from break, Riho hit a crucifix bomb. She went for a 619. Rose was supposed to catch and block, but Riho went too quick for her. They recovered quickly after the mistimed spot. Riho hit a meteora. Rose hit a Samoan drop for a two count. 

Rose hit a top rope knee drop to Riho, who was draped over the top rope. Not quite coast-to-coast, but an impressive spot. Rose then hit a top rope death valley driver for a great near fall. 

Rose teased a One-Winged Angel. Riho countered with two snap dragon suplexes. Riho slid out of what might have been an STF attempt, then hit a northern lights suplex for a two count. 

Riho hit a double stomp off the top. Rose kicked out at one. Riho hit a second double stomp, then a third. She covered, but Rose got a foot on the bottom rope for a break. 

Riho went for double knees. Rose countered with a spear, then hit a Beast Bomb for the pin. 

These two have great chemistry. Their matches work. 


During a commercial break, Rose was shown walking backstage. Tony Khan was shown hugging and congratulating Rose. Rose and Kenny Omega exchanged words. What did they say? If you're watching on TNT, you have no idea. 

Some other members of the women's division were shown as well. Rose appeared to be cutting a promo on them, but this is a mystery. 


After the break, Lexy Nair interviewed Jericho. "Mister Jericho," he corrected her. Jericho called Moxley human trash, but he's going to give Moxley a title match at Revolution anyway. He said he has a surprise for Moxley next week. He scoured the world for a bounty hunter, and found a man named Jeff Cobb to give him a tour of the islands and a dose of reality. He said he'll see Mox in hell. 

A Cobb hype video played. 


A video played recapping the Cody/MJF angle from last week. 

Brandi Rhodes, playing total babyface, appeared at the commentary desk. She gave an apology for her previous behavior at the commentary desk, and the announcers said that's all water under the bridge.

MJF vs. Jungle Boy is next. 



Jungle Boy kipped up after a lariat. MJF pulled Jungle Boy down by the hair and did a Flair strut. They did a series of counters and quick cradle near falls. The place went crazy for that. 

MJF went to work on Jungle Boy on the outside, sending him into the barricade, then hitting some stomps. MJF used a chinlock and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker during a commercial break. 

After the break, Jungle Boy made his comeback. He hit a back body drop, a series of uppercut forearms, then three straight dives -- two tope suicidas and a tope con giro. 

Jungle Boy sold his back after the dive sequence. MJF came back with a thrust kick, an Alabama slam, then a submission hold. Jungle Boy reversed into a cradle for a near fall. 

MJF crotched Jungle Boy on the top rope, then grabbed his crotch and yelled at Brandi that she can have a real man. 

Jungle Boy hit a powerbomb for a two count. Wardlow came down to the ring and passed MJF his Dynamite diamond ring. MJF hit Jungle Boy with the ring, then hit the Double Cross for the pin. 

After the match, Wardlow hit an F5 to Jungle Boy. Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt ran down to save, but MJF and Wardlow bailed out. 

This was a good little TV match, but the crowd reacted to both Jungle Boy and MJF as though they were huge stars in a big show main event. That's a good sign. 


A PAC training video played. PAC said that word on the street is that Omega has been on the decline. He said Omega hasn't been the same since PAC choked him out in Chicago. He said that's why Kenny has been ignoring his friends. 

PAC said in two weeks, Omega will be a lucky bastard, because he gets to go 30 minutes with the best in the world. Excellent promo and video. 


Lucha Bros vs. Omega and Page for the tag titles was announced for next week. 

Dustin Rhodes vs. Jake Hager was made official for Revolution. 

A video packaged recapped the Moxley and Santana eye injury angles.

Jericho, Hager and Guevara were shown entering a luxury box, then playing to the crowd.

The main event is next. 



Moxley entered through the crowd. Santana jumped him before he made it over the barricade. Ortiz was a witness to the brawl, but did not interfere, even though the opening bell hadn't sounded. Moxley and Santana brawled through the audience. Moxley sent Santana back over the barricade, then into it. Both men finally climbed in the ring and the bell sounded. 

They traded strikes. Moxley sent Santana back outside with a clothesline, then hit another clothesline off the post to the floor. Santana hit a drop toe hold into the steps, then teased spiking Moxley's good eye on the edge of the steps. Santana continued to go after the good eye with strikes during the final commercial break. 

Moxley used a Fuijwara armbar, then a release German suplex. Santana hit a flatliner into the second buckle, ducked under a rebound lariat, then hit a cutter for a near fall. Santana then hit a piledriver for a two count. 

Santana tried a frog splash, but Moxley got his knees up. Ortiz got up on the apron and teased hitting Moxley with his loaded sock. Moxley moved and Santana knocked Ortiz to the floor. Moxley used a schoolboy for a two count. 

Santana hit a superkick. Moxley hit a lariat, then climbed to the top rope. Ortiz drank from a flask. Santana took the ref, then Ortiz spit alcohol in Moxley's good eye. Santana then hit a frog splash for a near fall. 

Moxley started swinging wildly, selling like he was blind. Moxley bit Santana's eye, then hit the Paradigm Shift for the pin. 

Ortiz jumped in immediately after the bell and went after Moxley's good eye. Guevara and Hager ran in and continued to attack Moxley. Jericho then entered and whipped Moxley with the title belt. Guevara hit a 630. Jericho hit the Judas Effect. 

With the Inner Circle standing over a fallen Moxley, Jericho beckoned towards the stage. Jeff Cobb entered, hit Tour of the Islands on Moxley, then posed with the Inner Circle. to close the show. 


I liked this show. It had lots of good wrestling, and the things I didn't care for, namely the Santana promo with JR and the  Darby Allin video, were very brief. Even those things were good ideas, I just have a difference of opinion on the execution of them. A thumbs up show.