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Dragon King Dark - Episode 007 - Music for the mind

DragonKing Dark - Episode 007 - Music for the Mind!

On this episode Karl Stern talks about music that fits the supernatural, occult, science fiction, and mysterious!  Included in the discussion are Pink Floyd, Rush, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Deep Purple, Dio, Led Zeppelin, and many more! Music has long been used to invoke imagery of science, sorcery, and magic.  From the dystopian space odyssey of 2112 to the mindscape sounds of Dark Side of the Moon to the sinister tones of NIB this show is all about music for the mind!  Who hasn't heard tales of supposed - real or imagined - messages hidden in legendary songs?  Tales of space battles by Rush, madness by Pink Floyd, monsters and sorcery by Dio, and even... maybe... SATAN by Black Sabbath.  Music is awesome and I hope you will join me on an exploratory tale through some of my favorite music of all time.

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