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DragonKing Dark Episode 24: The End Times

If you are religious, it is likely that your religion has some version of an end times prophecy: a set of events that will foretell the end of life of Earth or the transition to another world.

If you are not religious, it is still important to know that you live in a world full of people who believe certain events tell of an impending end to all things and act accordingly. Today, DragonKingDark host Karl Stern looks at some of these end time ideologies.

The world can be a scary place with wars, unrest, natural disasters, and more. For a majority of people on the planet, these events can relate to their chosen religions. Many of the major world belief systems have some mechanism for a series of events that point to the end of time.

On this special episode for the After Dark Radio Network, Karl looks at some basic end times beliefs, and popular movie and book series which attempt to put these events into a more understandable form.

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