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April 11 2007 Adam and Mike Show

With possibly the worst intro in audio history, your original alternate returns this week (for free, thankfully) with a case of A.D.D. Adam & Mike sort of-focus on topics that include, but aren’t limited to: Hockey, Remembering Johnny Smith while forgetting Johnny Dunn, Tim-Bits, AYAKO~!, Joe Calzaghe, Hokuto handles Sausage, UFC’s 170 pounders-the NHL’s Western Conference, Mike’s bad Parisyan-Nogueira example, The Year of the Makabe, NOAH, No change needed in UFC-Quebec plans, American Gladiators, More hockey, Bad news for All-Japan and more. Yeah, one day we’ll edit, but until then it’s your organic BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! here at F4WOnline.com.

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