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April 13 2007 Dr. Keith Show

F4W’s most beloved (and abhorred) show returns~! The Dr. Keith Show continues his ALL-STAR MONTH of clusterf***ed fun. “The Next Big MMA Thing” Brock Lesnar and the DOC shoot the breeze on K-1 Dynamite (6/2 - Los Angeles) and his training, the IWGP title and New Japan opponents, chest tattoo meanings, Undertaker & Kurt’s MMA stylings, hotel hatred, NFL, Dreams, Eddy, Mania XX, Hong-Man’s singin’ and FOOD! Fabulous! Plus, Barlow & Semp talk 4Horsemen DVD, Paul Roma, Stone Colt Cabana, Vicious, Delicious AND American Males reunification, RSI, and Barlow’s worm. It’s ridiculous. It’s NECROLICIOUS~! It’s the DKS, exclusively at F4WOnline.com~!

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