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April 15, 2002 Observer Newsletter: The Rock becoming an action star

With his first starring role, "Scorpion King," about to open, Dwayne Johnson's Hollywood career may just be starting to take off. Pushed by many to be heir to the action hero throne held by people like Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Bruce Willis, Johnson has the right size, the right look, and more than the right charisma. He's proven as a ratings and arena draw to wrestling fans, and "Mummy Returns," where he actually had a small role but was practically promoted as a co-star, did incredible business. While rumors, backed up by the intensive re-shooting, indicate the movie may not be a great film, with the incredible hype, it will almost surely do excellent early box office.

What does that mean for wrestling? While Johnson will never knock wrestling and is careful about talking about balancing the two, he's also admitted he never wants to go through the pace that he did over the past year.

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