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April 15, 2019 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WrestleMania 35 weekend review

At seven hours and 15 minutes, WrestleMania was too long.

I suppose if the show was filled with great matches, it’s possible to pull that off without it being that difficult a show to get through. While it was probably the longest WWE show in history, and the longest major promotion U.S. show I’ve ever heard of in the modern era, I’ve been to longer shows in Japan. Most notably was the All Japan Women’s Tokyo Dome show in 1994 that clocked in at nine-and-a-half hours. That was a legendary night with two dozen matches, very memorable, but it was still way too long as well. I think maybe, if you have the greatest talent in the world, you can make a six hour show great. But for pro wrestling, there is no need to ever go longer than that. And this show didn’t have anywhere near the best talent in the world.

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