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April 2 Dr. Keith Show~! Dr. Keith Show

LIVE FROM ORLANDO~! 4 days-5 shows! It’s the return of the Dr. Keith Show ON-THE-ROAD! Featuring Derek Burgan, Metal Bob, Larry Zbyszko, Jay & Mark Briscoe, Bryan Alvarez, Michael Headlocked, Ian Hamilton, The Americool, Mr. FIP, Tex, Johnny P, Do Fixer, Mr. Milo Beasley, James from Tallahassee. Subjects include: The WWE’s OFFICIAL Orlando Greeter, helping the homeless see Skynyrd (June 19), IBC, shootnames, Americool pickup lines, PYRO (up $.02), the return of a gimmick fan gimmick, 1 mans chant o’syphilis, Davey “Mr. Charisma” Richards LOVE, Burgan’s fine parenting skills and BXB Hulk LUST, TNA invades WWE (AXXESS), wrestling fans as tippers, picking up whores, tailgating, 2 haircuts-1 day, Flair’s goodbye, almost getting run over by Big Dave (not Meltzer) powerbombing fans, and MUCH MORE! A dream wrestling weekend with Dr. K-brought to you by handjobs.com!

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