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April 3 2009 Figure Four Daily

It's the final day of our five-day series with former WWE creative
team members -- and we're shoving them all onto the line at the same
time! Yes, in today's final episode we're joined by Court Bauer, Alex
Greenfield AND Andrew Goldstein, and amazingly it goes shockingly
well! In the final two episodes we blow the door open on a number of
subjects including whether or not Eddy Guerrero was going to win the
title the day he died, why Vince always wants to do angles where he
dies and what they were supposed to lead to, matches where the
finishes were changed as the guys were in the ring, and so much more.
Thanks so much to all three guys involved, because amazingly, unlike
with WrestleMania, I believe we peaked her with our best show yet.
And thanks everyone for listening and continuing to support Figure
Four Online/Wrestlingobserver.com!

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