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April 3, 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Massive Wrestlemania weekend preview, plus tons of news

With WrestleMania coming up on 4/2 in Orlando as part of the biggest weekend of pro wrestling events, as far as pure volume goes, ever in the U.S., this year, more than any other, it has been the name more than the combination of the parts.

There really isn’t the one giant main event, or two, like most years have. Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg was counted on as the main event dating back to when the program was first put together late last year. It’s not like the angle is cold because it’s not. Goldberg’s interviews have been stronger than anyone could have expected, and his impact and popularity hasn’t seemed to fizzle. Sure, his winning the title from Kevin Owens was sure to draw a few boos. But in Philadelphia, a city where if people were going to turn on him, that would be the place, while mentions of him to the live crowd drew boos, when he actually came out, it was the loudest chants of the night.

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