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April 8, 2002 Observer Newsletter: WWF business year in review, more

In looking at business for the past year, the WWF was still far stronger than any promotion in any era with the exception of comparing to its February 1998 through early 2001 boom period. The 9,200 paid attendance per event beat out WCW's best year ever, 1998, which was 8,029, quite handily. Arena attendance was down 19.7% from 2000 and down 23.4% from its peak year in 1999.

Because of rising ticket prices, the average gate per live event was $289,492, down 12.4% from the record $330,588 in 2000, but actually ahead of the $286,495 during the record setting attendance year of 1999.

The WWF played to 32.9% sellouts last year, down from 53% the previous year and 63% during 1999.

For the year, PPV averaged a 1.07 buy rate, down 20.1% from the 1.34 average in 2000. It was an unusual drop, because this year had some outstanding buy rates in Wrestlemania and Invasion, but the consumers were clearly picking and choosing based on the show, because of the wide variation, unlike last year where most of the audience was buying every show.

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