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Aug. 10 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Raw, Nash trolling the board, TNA PPV picks, more~!

The vacation continues, but Victor Sosa and Les Thatcher interrupt their sabbaticals once more to bring you another edition of Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly!  The vacation scoreboard now reads, Vic & Les 2, Lance Storm 1.  It's the only time Vic will ever go over on Lance, so cut us some slack!  Good stuff today including some discussion of Raw, how seasoned WWE pros did something TWICE that Les actually discussed at his weekend training camp...except Les told his young charges NOT to do this and why.  We'll spend some time on Kevin Nash, though not nearly as much as he'd probably like.  There's actually a cool story in there about Les meeting Big Kev back when he played hoops for Tennessee.  We'll play the TNA PPV prediction game for this Sunday's Hardcore Justice, and wrap by answering a question from the board about the MACHO MAN, Randy Savage~!