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Aug 11 Bryan & Vinny Show: History of Super China Buffet day with Craig and Vinny, Granny's Q&A, bowling fun, tons more!

It's the weekend Bryan & Vinny Show~! Due to a scheduling conflict, this show had to be recorded earlier than usual, so no Impact review. Yes, no Impact review and no wrestling talk whatsoever. Instead, we'll spend 20 minutes with Vinny and Bryan's Friend Craig talking the history of SUPER CHINA BUFFET DAY~!, how you can participate if you're in the Seattle area, how you can participate if you live elsewhere around the world, update on the F4W T-shirts, and more. Then, Vinny and I will be joined by Granny for her usual weekly segment talking bowling, lotto, her latest Q&A and more. A fun show to kick off the weekend despite being Impact-free, so check it out~!

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