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Aug 18 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly w/special guest Jeff Sharkey~!

Better late than never, as after being down for the count on Friday, Victor Sosa got out of his sickbed to join Les Thatcher and our special guest, wrestling historian and writer for the Cauliflower Alley newsletter, Jeff Sharkey for this week's show.  Vic and Les spend the first half of the show talking Raw and how Brock Lesnar must be training for the 2016 Olympics as a sprinter with all the running he's been doing from HHH, Impact, where Vic anxiously awaits the inevitable guest appearance from Maury Povich, and then we make our Summerslam predictions!  At that point, Jeff joins us to discuss his take on the sights, sounds, and Kurt Angle related shenanigans at the Tragos/Thesz Pro Wrestling HOF in Iowa last month, along with his writing duties for the CAC newsletter and a few other things as well!  We apologize for the delay this week, and we hope you enjoy!