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Aug 26 - DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Just A To Z's!!!


Eamo, Justin and Alan - three gentlemen who have discussed alot of things over the years here on the DKP, so what's left? Why the ALPHABET of course! Yes Eamo has given us the brainchild of a 26 episode series where we use each letter of the alphabet as our inspiration to go on wild tangents that have no particular relevance to that specific letter. Fittingly on this first episode, we begin with A!!! This leads us to such conversation routes as Justin's history of tormenting a hefty football player, Alan's life lessons from The Godfather, Al Snow rants, a future gimmick for Miss Tessmacher and Tara, and of course some Summerslam thoughts. Your typical fun & games with the DKP Triumvirate, so CHECK IT!!!

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