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August 12 Adam & Mike Show: Adam, Alan and Joe on G-1 tourney, Noah and All Japan, Osaka Pro, more

The original alternate returns for a G-1 SPECIAL~! with Adam and guest co-hosts Alan and Joe Gagne. Topics include discussion of New Japan's annual summer tournament from every conceivable angle (including the greatness of Naito, awesome main events the first two nights, finding the positives in STRONG MAN's performance, and much more), as well the big upcoming NOAH and All Japan cards. Also, find out why Zero-One is drowning in Dragons Balls, and learn about Osaka Pro bringing the world an epic dream match - Riki Choshu vs. Kevin Kostner...well kind of. All that, plus everyone's favorite hockey topic - "Ilya Kovalchuk where prohibited." It's the Adam & Mike BIG Audio Nightmare...and yes, we know these introductions have gone downhill in Mike's absence~!

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