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August 18 2009 Adam and Mike Show

The original alternate has returned again with the first of two shows this week. Today’s topics include, but aren’t limited to: all of the fallout coming from New Japan’s annual G-1 league, Nakamura breaks Tanahashi’s face, Togi Makabe reaches Climax at Sumo Hall, will the final three months make a difference in Tana’s Thesz/Flair Award quest, the greatness of Jado and Gedo, the greatness of New Japan in general right now, THANK YOU MISTICO~!, wkwmatt comes through, a report on the finale of the usually unseen – and usually good – Zero One Max Fire Festival, including Ueda humbling a tree, and more. It’s the radio show that has a pair of those comfortable Nakamura pants; It’s the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here at F4WOnline.com.

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