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August 29 2008 Dr. Keith Show

It's a FREE edition of the Dr. Keith show this week and it's over-indulgent from top to bottom. Dr. Keith and Rob Naylor wax poetic on the annoyances of wrestling fans, live shows they've been to, Harley Race and whether or not he uses Pantene and Rob declares Jake the Sober Roberts as the "worker of the year". From there, Dr. Keith and Rob were joined by the "That Young Knock Out Kid" Chris Hero, who discusses Australia, touring the world, knocking mofo's out, a hip hop concert review, PWG and his matches this weekend, the topic of Ric Blade! and much much much more talk completely off topics. Lastly, the show ends as Keith and Rob are joined by Joe "Don't call me Verne" Gagne for a mighty discussion on NINE of the most corpulent talents ever to grace the ring with their fat asses. If you are a fan of Loch Ness, Super Porky, CHEEX, T Jon, Norman the Lunatic or Uncle Elmer, this is probably THE show for you. Sit back, purchase two cheesesteaks and fries and INDULGE in this week's Dr. Keith Lipinski show!

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