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August 30 2008 Adam and Mike Show

The original alternate returns to fill the void between bigger shows with a mini-version. We'll be back with more depth early this week but for now the topics include, but aren’t limited to: little notes on New Japan, Hirosuke Tanamura, the strange doings in Zero-One, how it affected Takao Omori, and how it may affect Premium, Big Japan, and other smaller companies, Red Shoes Unno, the results of the Dragons Gate Summer League and the NOAH NTV Cup, a meeting of the Daisuke Seikimoto Appreciation Society, BattlArts, congratulations to the Bati Bati Café, and also how you put the ass in class. Its the radio show that is still not allowed to use apostrophes in its preview; Its the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here at WrestlingObserver.com.

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