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August 8 2008 Dr. Keith Show

It's the show.... that never finished being compiled. Yes, it's the Dr. Keith Show for the weeks of mid July through mid August... and this one was a muthaf*ck to get done. Featuring absolutely NO interviews from Chris Hero. Or Jimmy Jacobs. Despite advertisement in during the show about such finer things. A rambling Rob Naylor and Dr. Keith THE ELDER waste yer time talking about when HUSTLE~! was cool, the intricacies of the making of the Dr. Keith show, "Big John Blowjob and King Kong Cunnilingus", subway rides and not-so-much more. Joe Gagne, Rob and Keith take a casual conversation on the Nasty Boyz and turn it into a conversation about early nineties program "Life Goes On". PN News love, Marcus Bagwell's high school, yes Nuggets galore for you – this week on the Dr. K Programe!

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