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B&V&C: Retro Raw and Nitro from 19 years ago this week!

The Bryan & Vinny & Craig Show is back today with our look back at Retro Raw and Nitro from 19 years ago this week! Nitro was actually an excellent show with some really good wrestling, and Raw was absolutely horrible up until the thing that spelled the difference in the wrestling war, THE ROCK VS. STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN, a feud that never, ever, ever gets old. A fun show as always so check it out~!

These two shows are from April 19, 1999.

Nitro has a fatal four way Cruiserweight title match which featured the best and worst of pro wrestling, Ric Flair declaring himself President of the United States, the return of Madusa, Berlyn, Gorgeous George in overalls, Ric Flair vs. Kevin Nash and a main event of DDP defending the WCW title against Goldberg.

Raw had the Mean Street Posse on commentary, Triple H vs. Mankind, more of the Undertaker being disappointed with the Ministry, a studio interview with Vince and Stephanie McMahon, Nicole Bass, and a ending segment featuring The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, monster trucks and a grave.


Start - 5:30: Intro

5:30 - 43:43: WCW Nitro

43:43 - end: WWE Raw

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