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The Bryan & Vinny Show is back today with tons to talk about including Granny's Easter Facebook fun, her Weekly Wrestling Report, then Bryan and Vinny review the NXT show leading into Takeover and Minoru Suzuki's Tokyo Dome Empty Arena match from last year! A fun show as always so check it out~!

The show starts with some notes, one being the unfortunate death of Matt Cleary. Bryan and Vinny share some memories. Bryan also asks for those in the Seattle area to head to Bothell City Hall on Tuesday. He even makes a very interesting wager if they can get the name of a local park changed to Redfish Park on that day.

Granny joins the show, as Vinny reads what Granny’s Facebook does to celebrate Easter. Granny gives a review of NXT, 205 Live, some Undertaker matches. She also gives a report on Frank Gotch and a story on the Easter Bunny against its own rival.

NXT is reviewed, featuring the introduction of the NXT North American title, EC3 and his new theme, Lars Sullivan, the continuation of the Dusty Rhodes Classic and a main event featuring Pete Dunne and Roderick Strong against Sanity.

The final segment has a review of the first part of the Minoru Suzuki vs. Sanshiro Takagi empty Tokyo Dome arena match, featuring a number of cameos.


Start - 9:58: Notes

9:58 - 35:35: Granny

35:58 - 55:33: NXT

55:33 - end: Minoru Suzuki Tokyo Dome empty arena brawl.

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