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Cinco De Mayo Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Lesnar, Bryan, Developmental & more~!

A damn good edition of Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly if we do say so ourselves!  Victor Sosa and Les Thatcher discuss the week that was for WWE; specifically the decisions made regarding Brock Lesnar losing at Extreme rules.  Les tells us how and why he would've booked things differently.  Also, we'll look at the logic of beating Daniel Bryan on the PPV and again on Smackdown, then expecting you to pay money to see him wrestle CM Punk on the next PPV, and Les will share his thoughts on how to present Bryan between now and then.  From there, some quick TNA talk, including a chuckle at the idea that they need MORE TV TIME.  And then things get GREAT.  There's a heartbreakingly facinating facebook post from an FCW wrestler named Brian McGhee that Dave quotes in the latest Observer.  We'll talk about what he wrote regarding the way he's being treated by his trainers since he's been injured, and then Les shares some great stuff in explaining how he can sympathize not only with Mr. McGhee, but with the things the trainers might be going through as well.  We'll finish off by giving you a little something extra that you should've heard last week, but we're hoping you'll enjoy today just the same.  Enjoy your cinco de mayo parties, and please be safe!