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Daily Update: Don Callis, Aerostar, Jonathan Gresham


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F4W NEWSLETTER: Figure Four Weekly: WWE's Super Showdown embarrassment  

The ending of Super ShowDown brought a scary end to what was an embarrassing night for WWE.

Goldberg vs. The Undertaker reinforced the amount of risk that exists when you put two 50-year-old wrestlers against each other. The match was laid out exactly as it should have been and was on its way to being good, but things fell apart when Goldberg got knocked out.

Goldberg (who already had a mark on his forehead going into the match) got busted open when he went for a spear into the corner and rammed his head into the post less than three minutes in. From there, things only got worse.

WON NEWSLETTER: June 17, 2019 Observer Newsletter: Scary incidents in the ring, NJPW Dominion review

A look at Undertaker vs. Goldberg, Naito vs. Ibushi and why referees and doctors need to be stopping matches when talent is legitimately hurt is the lead story in the new issue of the Observer.  Look at how small independents are ahead of the game when it comes to precautionary measures involving talent this past week.

Read complete coverage of New Japan Dominion, WWE Super Showdown and UFC 238, with business notes, poll results, match-by-match coverage and star ratings for the pro wrestling shows.

Look at the injury situation and risks, look back at the Undertaker vs. Mick Foley Hell in a Cell match and what resulted from that, and the heyday of All Japan Pro Wrestling.

Look at what happened with the attempt to put on a women's match in Saudi Arabia, the silliness of TV coverage in the past and not allowing women to wrestle there, and more behind the scenes at the show.

Also look at the upcoming G-1 Climax tournament and who to expect to be in it, TV coverage in the U.S. expanding, the newcomers to G-1, who is out from last year, the new Super J Cup tournament, a history of the Super J Cup, G-1 announcement plans and New Japan going to Australia.

Look at a wrestling television show being voted on for a nomination for a major award, John Cena's future, FS 1 talk show on wrestling, HHH working in Japan and latest cards, and a Sasha Banks update.

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Bryan and I will be back tonight for Wrestling Observer Radio, covering Raw, G-1 and the latest news. You can send questions to tonight's show to mailbag@wrestlingobserver.com.

Impact head of creative Don Callis tweeted earlier today that he was trapped in the basement with terrified people after a shooting at Eaton Centre in Toronto. Hours later, he tweeted "Survived". The only news reports I've seen only talk about two stabbings in the area about four hours ago. The area is filled with a ridiculous amount of people today for the Toronto Raptors NBA championship winning parade.

Regarding Aero Star, in the fall at Verano de Escandalo yesterday in Merida, Mexico, the last word we got is that he's okay. He was backstage joking about it after with a lump on his head. He went to the hospital and they reported no serious injuries. He was very lucky. Aero Star fell off about a 20+ foot lighting stand and had his fall very slightly broken by Chessman but he flipped over and landed on his head. This looked not as gruesome as the Kota Ibushi bump at Dominion last week, but scarier. 

Ibushi was back wrestling on Friday night, so didn't miss even one scheduled show.

PWInsider reported Jonathan Gresham signing an ROH deal which will include moving to Baltimore and working more heavily with the ROH Dojo.


  • Raw is going heavy into the delivery of a great match tonight, and Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins matches are arguably two of the three best wrestlers on the main roster. With basketball over, ratings tonight should give an indication where things stand for a normal summer show. It's the go-home Raw for Stomping Grounds.
  • The MTV Movie & TV Awards air tonight on MTV. The show was taped. Dwayne Johnson will be getting the MTV Generations Award on the show, which is their version of a career achievement award. This is the show where Roman Reigns was nominated for Best Real Life Hero and the Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair match was nominated for Best Fight along with a number of movie fights. I'm not sure a live one-take pro wrestling match and movie fight scenes are close to the same thing. But still, if they were going to honor something from Mania, it should have been Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston, but that didn't have Ronda Rousey in it.
  • WWE has started heavily advertising Raw and Smackdown on the WWE Network.
  • Stephanie McMahon is in France for the Women's World Cup to help promote Smackdown moving to FOX in October.


  • There is still limited information regarding the arrest of Gable Steveson, the University of Minnesota heavyweight who was heavily coveted by just about everyone in MMA and WWE. Steveson, 19, took third in the NCAAs and second last week at the U.S. Open and was considered the greatest high school wrestler ever in the state of Minnesota by many, having won age group world championships. He and teammate Dylan Martinez were arrested on suspicion of sexual conduct. The alleged victim went to the hospital for treatment, and police have not released more details. Both wrestlers were arrested Saturday night after an alleged victim told police she was penetrated with an object. The wrestlers have not been charged. Steveson is expected in court tomorrow. Both were suspended by the team.
  • Regarding Martinez, who was a state champion at Fresno City College, the local media covered here.
  • Minoru Suzuki turned 51 today.
  • Defy Wrestling results from Saturday night in Portland, OR: Artemis Spencer b TJ Perkins to keep the Defy title, Brian Cage b Mike Santiago, Rebel Kel b Reia Von Slasher, Sonico & Leon Negro b Jorel Nelson & Royce Isaacs, Sloan b Danika Della Rouge, Judas Icarus & Elii Surge b Chris & Patrick Voros, Schaff b Travis Williams.
  • Defy Wrestling results from last night in Tacoma, WA: Schaff won four-way over Mike Santiago, Travis Williams and Cody Chhun, Danika Della Rouge b Reia Von Slasher, Jorel Nelson & Royce Isaacs b Chris & Patrick Voros, Jordan Oasis & Liiza Hall b Guillermo Rosas & Cat Power, Rebel Kel b Sloan, Judas Icarus & Eli Surge b Brian & Kevin Cook. The next shows are 6/26 and 6/27 in Seattle at Washington Hall for the Defy 8X Grand Prix tournament. A poster seems to show L.A. Park, Tama Tonga and Joey Janela.
  • The annual Harley Race Wrestling camp will take place Labor Day weekend. Trainers and scouts will be announced later. Check here for more info.
  • Empire State Wrestling on 6/29 in North Tonawanda, NY at the St. Johnsburg Fire Hall featuring Josh Alexander vs. Jay Freddie, Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Kevin Bennett, Zachary Wentz vs. Anthony Gaines and more.
  • A new episode of Ten Pounds of Gold is now avaliable. It's building Nick Aldis & Colt Cabana vs. The Briscoes at the ROH Best in the World PPV event.
  • Brett Hull wore a Ric Flair shirt to the St Louis Blues Stanley Cup parade and rally. (thanks to Matt Burrows)
  • A story on a new wrestling company in Australia. 

Daily Pro Wrestling History: Kurt Angle wins TNA World title