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Daily Update: Kushida-Roderick Strong, AEW notes, Glory By Honor


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WON NEWSLETTER: August 2, 2021 Observer Newsletter: Death of Super Porky, AEW to United Center

In this week's issue:

  • The life of Super Porky Brazo de Plata, a look at a career that will surprise a lot of people
  • C.M. Punk, Bryan Danielson, The First Dance and The Perfect Storm leading to the biggest secondary market prices in history for pro wrestling
  • An updated look at WWE financials, why future looks good for profits, what was said, hinted on, business numbers and Vince & Nick Khan talk AEW
  • Behind the controversy over the Gage-Jericho match and its implications
  • A look at the New Japan Tokyo Dome show and the longest NJPW matches ever in the building
  • Vince McMahon to produce movie on his battle with the government and a look at the real story and if it will be portrayed that way
  • Another major network buys a promotion and is this the wave of the future?
  • The most detailed look at this week's numbers, ratings, ticket sales and more, what they mean for the future
  • A look at TJ Dillashaw's return and the scoring of UFC's main event last week
  • How close is AEW to Raw in every key category and how the show would have done without the DirecTV blackout
  • Fans vote most popular foreign wrestler in NJPW history, and outrage from the U.S. will likely start again
  • Tons of COVID positives across wrestling including a major MMA fight next week off
  • Nick Khan explains WWE adding a new PPV show
  • John Cena's affect on WWE live ticket sales in several different cities
  • More detail on the ratings than any other source, how many different viewers the shows had, breakdown of who watches the shows, how they watch, DVR numbers and how long the average fan watches
  • Results of the major pro wrestling events of the past week

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  • On NXT last night, Kushida cut a promo where he agreed to give Roderick Strong a shot at the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. WWE hasn’t announced when that match will be taking place.
  • A “Prime Target” special feature building up WALTER and Ilja Dragunov’s NXT United Kingdom Championship match at TakeOver 36 aired on last night’s NXT.
  • Bronson Rechsteiner appeared on NXT as an extra during last night’s Karrion Kross-Samoa Joe segment. Rechsteiner played a security guard who was choked out by Joe. Rechsteiner, who is the son of Rick Steiner, is a former college football player for Kennesaw State University. He signed with WWE earlier this year.
  • Allegiant Stadium, where SummerSlam will be held later this month, posted a statement confirming that all individuals must wear a face mask inside of the stadium. The policy is a result of CDC guidelines and Nevada’s mask mandate for counties with high transmission of COVID-19. The mandate applies to everyone regardless of vaccination status.
  • WWE.com posted an article on the passing of “The Assassin” Jody Hamilton.
  • In an interview with USA Today, John Cena discussed his role with WWE: “Man, I wish there was some sort of fountain of youth where I could be a full-time contributor. The longer they continue to bet on an aging prospect, that makes (WWE's) future a little bit less stable.”
  • After Olympic gold medalist wrestler Tamyra Mensah-Stock said she wants to compete in WWE, Paul “Triple H” Levesque responded: “Congratulations on a history-making gold medal at the #TokyoOlympics! The door to @WWE is always open!! #TeamUSA @MensahTamStock”
  • WWE has filed a trademark for “Sunray.”
  • This morning’s episode of WWE’s The Bump was the 2021 Bumpy Awards edition of the show.
  • Denise Salcedo interviewed Nikki A.S.H.
  • WWE announced its virtual meet and greet schedule for SummerSlam weekend.
  • WWE’s YouTube channel uploaded Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair vs. Natalya & Trish Stratus from the August 5, 2019 episode of Raw, Roman Reigns vs. Kane in a Last Man Standing match from the August 4, 2014 episode of Raw, and John Cena vs. Baron Corbin from the January 10, 2017 episode of SmackDown. 

Other Wrestling

  • Malakai Black is the guest on today’s episode of Talk is Jericho. He spoke about working with Paul Heyman in WWE: “Since day one, me and Paul meshed. I love that man. He's always been really good to me. He's been blunt with me and I appreciate people being blunt with me, don't dance around the subject, just tell me how it is, especially in this business. Paul had big ideas, not just with me, but with a lot of younger people like Buddy Murphy. He once told me that he had one night of control, that was the first night. After that, everything became a fight. Maybe 'fight' is not the right word, but a debate. I can understand, but it makes you wonder. I let it go because we were fighting tooth and nail to get me out of the room and to progress.”
  • On Pro Wrestling 4 Life with Sean “X-Pac” Waltman, Nick Gage spoke about the conversation he had with Tony Khan after his match against Chris Jericho on last week’s Dynamite:

That’s [Domino’s situation] just a coincidence, sh*t happens. Tony [Khan], Tony came up to me all fired up. I came back and he was, you know, in what they call Gorilla Position, he got up out his chair, came right up to me, I looked that man dead in his eyes and I said, ‘Man, you got something awesome going here. Thank you for f*cking making me feel at home here’ and I was just fired up and he said, ‘Thank you’ and he said, ‘What an awesome match bro.’ You know, he got up out of his chair, went around the Gorilla Position, looked me in the eyes and I looked him in the eyes, just told him them words man. But, I just keep it real. I’m a real motherf*cker, I just speak the truth. I just gave him the truth, how I felt at the moment and hopefully he said the same thing to me and was telling the truth. He showed me nothing but love [like] I’d been there the whole time. I talked to that guy plenty of times and came off nothing but sincere to me, you know?

  • Juventud Guerrera told Sports Illustrated about facing Jericho on Dynamite tonight: “For me to come back at this moment, to this stage in AEW, the hottest company with the best talent in wrestling, it’s a blessing. For me and Chris, this is a great opportunity to showcase what we did and what we can still do. Chris has such a great mind for the business. He always knows the right time and the right moment. This is going to be a very special night for wrestling fans.”
  • Powerhouse Hobbs revealed that his mother passed away yesterday. Hobbs thanked everyone who has been by his side during this time: “My beautiful Mother passed away peacefully yesterday. Thank You to everyone who has stood by my side during this difficult time your love and friendship will forever be appreciated.”
  • AEW announced this week’s roster rankings.
  • The Briscoes vs. The Righteous (Bateman & Dutch) has been added to the card for Glory By Honor night one. The show is taking place at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia on Friday, August 20.
  • Impact Wrestling tweeted about the passing of Bert Prentice: “We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Bert Prentice - who was involved in the very early days of TNA and was the host of Xplosion alongside Jeremy Borash. We offer our sincere condolences to his friends and family.”
  • Cassie Lee (formerly known as Peyton Royce) appeared on Insight with Chris Van Vliet.
  • Dean Muhtadi (formerly known as Mojo Rawley) was a guest on the STUpodity podcast on the Le Batard & Friends network.
  • Tickets to the NWA’s 73rd anniversary PPV are now sold out. The show is being held at the Chase Park Plaza hotel in St. Louis on Sunday, August 29.

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