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Daily Update: Raw, Flair lawsuit settled, PAC


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F4W NEWSLETTER: Figure Four Weekly: Five highlights from Wrestlemania week

For as long as I've been a professional wrestling fan, attending WrestleMania has been a goal of mine.

WrestleMania has changed a lot since I was watching Steve Austin vs. The Rock and getting captivated by Axxess recap videos. What began as a standalone show has grown into a weeklong celebration of everything pro wrestling. Fans take over a city and promotions from all around the world compete for their time and money, with more events than one person could ever hope to attend.

WON NEWSLETTER: April 15, 2019 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WrestleMania 35 weekend review 

When it comes to news, the biggest issue of the year is out, covering WrestleMania, all the behind-the-scenes stuff at WrestleMania, Hall of Fame, NXT and Supercard of Honor, as well as the top indie shows. This issue has more backstage news than any issue of the year.

This issue leads off with coverage of WrestleMania, with the main event finish, what was supposed to happen, who got the blame, why it was brought up on the broadcast, and the future of Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar in WWE.

Next get the update with AEW television talk, what is and isn't accurate about what has come out, what the current plans are and more.

Also look at the Supercard of Honor in Madison Square Garden. Look back to 1960 when the last time a non-McMahon card took place at the arena and who was on top. 

Also look at the idiot who attacked Bret Hart at the Hall of Fame ceremony, what actually happened, comments from the Hart family, the firing of writer R.D. Evans and the comments after by HHH and the rest of DX making fun of it, plus the comments on AEW.

This issue has full details of AAA and its debut in Madison Square Garden. Look at the press conference, the goals, and the story behind the business idea of why it will work. Also look at the AAA relationship with Cain Velasquez.

Also look at the WrestleCon super show, one of the biggest indie events of the year, with appearances by Ric Flair, Animal, Will Ospreay, Bandido, SCU, Jushin Liger, X-Pac and Dragon Lee. 

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Rates in the United States are $14.50 for 4 issues, $35.50 for 12, $70 for 24, $116 for 40 and $149.50 for 52.

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If you order by  mail with a check, cash or money order to P.O. Box 1228, Campbell,CA  95009-1228, you can get $1 off in every price range.


Garrett Gonzalez and I will be up tonight after Raw covering tonight's show as well as the latest news from around the world. Bryan and I will be back doing a show together on Wednesday night.

As noted earlier today, due to problems at Newark Airport, where a lot of the talent had connecting flights, a number of wrestlers scheduled for tonight's show weren't going to be able to get to Montreal in time for the show so much of the show had to be rewritten today. Given all the winter travel and the hard schedules, it's actually pretty amazing this doesn't happen more often. Samoa Joe was said to be very sick and was taken off tonight's show even though he did make it to Montreal.

There was a graphic for the Superstar shakeup that lists all the Raw & Smackdown talent and also included Kairi Sane. As noted, I've been hearing Sane's name for a couple of months about coming in, but you have to remember these things change all the time. 

PAC took a bad bump yesterday on his neck in a match in Scotland. We haven't heard an update but were told from someone backstage that he finished the match but the fall was concerning.

The lawsuit filed by Riki Johnson, the first husband of Ashley Fliehr (Charlotte) against WWE, Ric Flair and Charlotte Flair regarding comments made about him in the book "Second Nature" were officially settled out of court.


  • WWE Network News reported that 34 new episodes of Mid South Wrestling will be uploaded to the WWE Network tomorrow. They will be from August 11, 1984 through April 27, 1985.
  • Johnny Loquasto was reported by Mike Johnson as having signed with WWE as an announcer. Loquasto, who is a comedian who had appeared on AXS TV's standup comedy show, had been announced for David Marquez's Championship Wrestling From Hollywood promotion.


  • Mike Johnson reported that one count in Scott Colton's (Colt Cabana) lawsuit against Phil Brooks (C.M. Punk) was dropped but another is still there.
  • Fred Rosser, the former Darren Young, will be receiving the Vanguard Award for 2019 during Miami's OUTshine Film Festival on 4/28 based on his advocacy for LGBTQ athletes.
  • MLW debuted tonight on FreeSport in the U.K. and Ireland, which was a few hours ago. The show will air regularly every Monday night at 10 p.m. Jim Cornette and Rich Bocchini are handling the announcing.
  • MLW tickets for their return TV taping in New York on 7/25 at the Melrose Ballroom in Queens, NY were put on sale today.
  • Legacy Fighting on 4/26 on AXS from Sioux Falls, SD at the Sanford Pentagon. The main event will determine the LFA lightweight champion since UFC signecd former champion Austin Hubbard. It pits Sheriff's Deputy Harvey Park (11-2) of Clovis, NM against Demarques Jackson (10-2).
  • Fierce Females from yesterday in Glasgow, Scotland: Ashley Vega b Valkyrie (not Taya), Ivy b Roxxy, Anastasia b Ruby Radley, Raven Creed b Ashley Vega, Emily Hayden b Amy Allonsy, Debbie Keitel b Angel Hayze, Valkyrie b Raven Creed, Jaylda Dark b Jokey (thanks to Jonathan Crombley, Shannon Walsh and wresetlingwithdemons.net). Mercedes Martinez, Jamie Hayter and  Session Moth Martina were supposed to be the top stars on the show but were unable to get there due to travel issues from London the day before.
  • I Believe in Wrestling on Saturday night in Orlando: Aaron Epic b Blake Banks, Mike Reed b Miguel Mason, Chasyn Rance b johnny Zeke, Andrew Merlin & Carlos Gabriel b Caius Wolfe & Chris Ramirez, Jesse Neal b Djkovic Rabbit, Jake Shadows b Cisco Suicio, Kaci Lennox won Rex Bacchus Memorial Battle Royal.
  • Thunder Championship Wrestling on Saturday night in Lakeland, FL: Spirit Kid b Chico Adams, Anna Diaz b Rocky Radley, Kahagas b Damien Angel, George Rodriguez (managed by Bushwhacker Luke Williams) b Uther MacGreogr, Kahagas & Michael Tarver b Eddie Taurus & Damian Angel, Sean Maluta b Shannon Moore. Next show is 6/1 at Auburndale High School with Hector Guerrero and Brian Knobs doing a meet and greet. (thanks to Al Haft)
  • CWE last night in Lethbridge, Alberta: Danny Duggan b Robin Lekime, AJ Sanchez & Kevin O'Doyle & Shaun Martnes & Alex Ace b Beri Grayson & Sean Gaston & Jude Dawkins & Normah Harass, Bulldog McBain b Slave, Scarlett Black & Alix Zwicker b Maddison Miles & Jade, Psicosis b Kyle Sebastian, The Stormbringer & Cowboy Bryn Watts & Marn Pain b Jimmy Jacobs & Travis Copeland & Jumpin Josh, Michael Elgin b Killer Kross. Next show in Lethbridge is 11/22 with the company's 10th anniversary tour.
  • Defy Wrestling on Saturday night in Portland, OR: Leon Negro won four-way over Guerrero de Neon, Guillermo Rosas and Cody Chhun, Drexl & Dr. Kliever b Sonico & Hero, Riea Vno Slasher b Danikia Della Ruoge, Schaff b Alex Hammerstone in a chain match, Mike Santiago & Ethan HD b Reno Scum, Artemis Spencer retained the Defy title over Jake Atlas. (thanks to Matt Farmer)
  • A story on a book regarding Good Advice from Pro Wrestling. (thanks to Chris Cruise)
  • In the silly Twitter stuff, Hulk Hogan complained that the Viceland documentary on Randy Savage was too inaccurate and relied on less than credible sources. One of the producers posted that Hogan was asked to be a part of the show and declined. Hogan then blocked him. (thanks to Robert Pasbani)

Daily Pro Wrestling History: Misawa becomes first GHC Heavyweight Champion