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Daily Update: Raw tonight, Roman Reigns, Jeff Jarrett


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We're looking for your thoughts on the WWE TLC PPV so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to dave@wrestlingobserver.com.

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  • We're also looking for reports on these shows:
  • WWE Smackdown Friday night in Buenos Aries, Argentina
  • WWE Raw from last night in Mankato, MN
  • NXT tonight in Johnson City, TN

        We're looking for reports on these shows at newstips@wrestlingobserver.com.

Raw is tonight from Green Bay. Details are in the news section but it's a major show with a ton scheduled.

Smackdown and 205 Live will be taped on Tuesday in Milwaukee. Shane McMahon was to confront Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn on the show but we don't know yet if Owens will be appearing.

FIGURE FOUR WEEKLY: Looking at Neville's potential post-WWE life 

While Neville's situation with WWE remains unresolved a week after news broke that he wanted out of the company, his potential entrance into the global pro wrestling landscape would provide the most interesting test case yet of how successful someone could be outside of WWE in this era. Neville being unhappy isn't an isolated incident.

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WRESTLING OBSERVER NEWSLETTER: October 23, 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Brock Lesnar vs. Jinder Mahal, Observer Hall of Fame candidates, more

A look at the WWE PPV picture over the next two shows, the championship scene and the TLC show is the lead story in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer, a double issue that features three back-of-the-book features, one on PED usage and lifestyle changes in pro wrestling, one on the life and times of Bobby Heenan and another of the 2017 Hall of Fame.

The lead story looks at Brock Lesnar vs. Jinder Mahal, the return of Kane and some of the new programs.

Look at the ROH Global Wars week, what the business says and doesn't say, a rundown of the Chicago show, the anti-WWE movement, along with match-by-match coverage with star ratings and poll results.

Examine WWE drug testing, lifestyle changes among the wrestlers, what WWE talent is and isn't allowed to do, beating tests, TUE's, what Dave Palumbo said, what WWE has said in response, just how prevalent are TUE's in WWE compared to other sports, double standards and rules between office, talent and part-time talent, why WWE drug tests in the first place, why the idea that pro wrestling isn't a competitive situation is as shallow a thinking as possible and how the business has changed over the years as far as the look to be a star.

Look back at the life outside of wrestling of Bobby Heenan.

Check out the 2017 Hall of Fame ballot and thoughts on the candidates including breaking down most of the candidates on the ballot.

Get updates on WrestleMania ticket sales, Jinder Mahal in India, Austin Aries talks the economics outside WWE, WWE earnings and predictions for PPV numbers, and updates on Neville and Nia Jax.

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WON BACK ISSUE: October 1, 2000 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Disappointing WCW ratings, WWF Unforgiven reviewed, more 

Whatever changes in the landscape temporarily that would result from the WWF going to a lower rated network appear to have been overstated. It was thought that this would be the week for WCW to capitalize, as viewers, used to WWF on Monday nights, would switch to WCW when finding other programming on the USA Network. Even though, due to the court decision coming in late and Viacom not getting nearly the amount of publicity they had planned to hype the debut of Raw...

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Bryan and I will be back tonight talking Raw, Survivor Series, TLC fallout and the latest news. You can send questions to tonight's show to mailbag@wrestlingobserver.com.

Roman Reigns is out of action with the mumps. It's not certain when he'll be back but it's not going to be a longtime thing, a couple of weeks is what people are saying. No word on Bray Wyatt or Bo Dallas but all are scheduled to be evaluated this coming Monday.

What is expected to be teased or announced tonight would be a Miz vs. Baron Corbin match at Survivor Series, likely with neither title at stake and Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose vs. The Usos and Alexa Bliss vs. Natalya, and possibly Kane vs. Braun Strowman. It has also been talked about for the Brock Lesnar vs. Jinder Mahal main event to have John Cena as referee. Lesnar & Paul Heyman are on the show tonight where the Lesnar vs. Mahal match will become official.

Planned for Raw is Sasha Banks vs. Bayley with the winner becoming team captain of a Raw vs. Smackdown elimination match. The Horsewoman vs. Horsewoman match will not be at Survivor Series but it will still happen at some point. Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar are there. There will be an either a Team Enzo vs. Team Kalisto match tonight, or the start of a build for that match at Survivor Series tonight.

Shane McMahon, who was announced for Smackdown tomorrow, is in Green Bay. He has been at Raw shows before and not appeared on the show, but with Raw vs. Smackdown as the theme for the next month, his being on Raw is more possible.

Regarding Jeff Jarrett, his official departure from Impact announced today had nothing to do with what happened over the weekend as we had heard late last week that the decision was being made and was more or less final and about to be announced. 

What happened was Jarrett was to work shows in Calgary and Edmonton this weekend for Real Canadian Wrestling (we had mistakenly called it River City Wrestling yesterday as our first report just came in as RCW). He showed up in Calgary, in no condition to perform although he did do a match and it was said to be similar to his performance at TripleMania. The promoter said he didn't know Jarrett was in such bad shape until the match started but others there said that couldn't be the case because it was clear backstage. He told the promotion that he was held at customs and was told he had to return the next morning and would have to miss Edmonton. The promotion later found out that Jarrett rebooked his flight from Sunday morning to Saturday morning and left before the Saturday night show in Edmonton. The promotion said that Jarrett boarded a plane and left the country on his own accord Sunday morning and later said Jarrett "chose to leave the country due to his own issues."

Harry Smith yesterday was driving in Calgary and saw a young woman hanging off a bridge and trying to commit suicide. He tried to talk to her and actually pulled her down from where she was and held her down until police came. He posted on Facebook that his knowledge and grip strength from all his grappling training allowed him to pull her her up from where she was hanging and she wasn't small either. He said he put her in a mount position and wouldn't let her move, for fear she had a gun, until the police arrived.


  • Planned for Smackdown is a multiple person match to determine the Smackdown team captain of a women's elimination match at Survivor Series.
  • Raw goes against the Washington Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles game tonight. No baseball competition. Smackdown tomorrow will go against game one of the World Series.  Game four of the series goes against UFC.
  • A.J. Styles said the "too sweet" sign at the end of his match with Finn Balor was something they decided and not something they were told to do. They said they wanted to show they haven't forgotten where they came from and that they love their Bullet Club brothers.


  • The Ultimate Fighter reality show won't be airing Wednesday due to the World Series.


  • Earlier today at Korakuen Hall, New Japan had two matches in the first round of the Super Junior tag team tournament. Yoh & Sho beat Kushida & Hirai Kawato with the 3K on Kawato, and Bushi & Hiromu Takahashi beat Dragon Lee & Titan. Told both matches were great. Sho & Yoh face Bushi & Takahashi on 10/30 at Korakuen Hall in a second round match.
  • MLW has officially announced Matt Riddle vs. Tom Lawlor for 12/7 in Orlando at GILT Night Club in a battle of former UFC stars. Tickets here.
  • Acclaim Pro Wrestling on 10/28 at Dom Polski Hall in Ottawa.
  • Capital City Championship Combat on 11/24 in Ottawa at the Vanier Columbus Club.
  • Battlarts on 10/28 at the Don Kolov Arena in Mississauga, ONT.
  • The former Mexican wrestler Masdek is now wrestling in Perth, Australia on indies. He was working at a Mexican restaurant and local guys came in wearing NWA T-shirts. His wife noticed the wrestling shirts and mentioned that her husband was a wrestler. He started talking with them and started working indie shows in Perth.
  • Scott Steiner will be wrestling soon in Australia for All Action Wrestling in Perth, against Wayne Maniac Mattei, who is said to be a giant jacked up guy who has done security for WWE and celebrities and heads a group called, get this, The Bullet Kliq. (thanks to Kevin Chiat)
  • BRAWL (Bloody Rage American Wrestling League) on Saturday night in Cherry Hill, NJ at Cherry Hill West High School. It will be an Iron Mike Sharpe Memorial show as guys working the show used to train with Sharpe at his school in Asbury Park.
  • Jesse Hernandez's EWF took part in SBD Fest at the San Bernardino International Airport on 10/21 and 10/22, which drew thousands of people including an air show and matches, as well as a concert and auto show.
  • The Trenton, NJ newspaper the Trentonian had Honky Tonk Man on the front page. He was a guest at the Punk Rock Flea market for a Halloween edition. (thanks to Brian Henke)
  • Tommy Rich is now running a wrestling school in Myrtle Beach, SC at the X Gym. He's running a show at his gym on Saturday night with Austin Idol, Homicide and Manny Fernandez. All have helped train at his school. The show opened in August and Rich said to the Myrtle Beach Sun News that it has had its ups and downs. He's doing a Halloween themed show and hopes to do two more shows this year, a food drive show in November and a toys for tots show in December.
  • Defy Wrestling on Thursday night in Seattle at the Washington Hall Lodge has Sammy Guevara vs. Randy Myers, Ethan HD & Mike Santiago vs. Nick Radford & Kaine Jaiden and more.
  • Bodyslam Pro Wrestling from Kolding, Denmark yesterday: Harley Rage b Jaxon Stone & Rayo Blanco, Rich Dominick & Shooter Schjotler b Kimball & Zach White, Tank b Emeritus-DQ, Peter Olisander b Matthew Burnett, Michael Fynne b Alexander James. Next show is 1/13 in Aslborg. (thanks to Kristian Nielsen)

Today in Professional Wrestling History: WCW Halloween Havoc 1994


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