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Daily Update: WrestleMania 32 fallout; Undertaker done, again?

WrestleMania 32

WrestleMania 32 Fallout

Undertaker was selling people that last night was his final match, even though he's booked in tag matches on the European tour.  We'll try and get more clarification on that but it is said that's why he left his gloves in the ring.  It was also noted that many years after WrestleMania he says it's his last match and comes back the next year.

The number of people in the building legitimately was 97,769, or more than the 93,000 plus that was believed to have been the total last night.  I'm not sure how many events have claimed 100,000 in the stadium but legitimately there have only been a few as this was one of the largest legitimate crowds in the history of AT&T Stadium (wrestling is far from the only people who exaggerate numbers).  WWE announced 101,763 as the attendance and a $17.3 million gate.  The gate is either accurate or very close to it. 

Lots of standing room tickets were sold the day of the show and they used a smaller stage so opened up a lot of seating in the last week.  The walkup was huge as building officials were expecting 89,000 the day of the show. As noted, there were all kinds of problems getting into the stadium last night because of the wireless being down and they couldn't scan tickets.  A lot of people who came early missed one to three matches but the place was packed by the time of the PPV. 

It appears based on odds swings that most of the finishes were finalized on Saturday, at least when it came to the ladder match with all the betting on Zack Ryder.  Charlotte winning was known before the show, but it had changed at one point from Sasha Banks.

No serious injuries at last night's show, even though there were some serious injury risks.

Google searches for WrestleMania were 2 million, which would be above anything in UFC except a Ronda Rousey or Conor McGregor headlined show.  It was second yesterday behind Walking Dead searches.  Shane McMahon was the most searched individual with 200,000.

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We've got a full rundown of the network subscriber numbers announced today by WWE.  For those looking negatively, the drop in domestic paid vs. the same period last year is misleading for a number of reasons.  Most people were expecting 1.5 to 1.7 million paid.  The stock has dropped from well above $18 to $16.38 since the announcement was made.  There was going to be some drop unless the paid was above 1.7 million.  The positive is profitability in 2016 looks to be in the same range the company was pre-network, and that hasn't been the case since 2010 when they started on the project.  Though, the network was all about long-term, and long-term it will be successful, just a little slower than they expected.

As far as debuts go, there are lots of rumors going around such as Enzo, Cass, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson.  All are supposed to start on the main roster soon.  The only thing notable is that Finn Balor was reported to have flown home from Dallas earlier today.  Dwayne Johnson is not going to be on the show as he's in the middle of filming "Baywatch" and only had a limited time he could be gone.Brie Bella is supposed to retire tonight, although it appears last night may have been her final match.



  • Yoel Romero's suspension for testing positive for Ibatamoren, a banned substance on 12/16 in an out of competition test, was agreed to as six months since Romero's side was able to prove a supplement he was using contained the substance even though it was not listed on the label.  Because the test was after the 12/12 fight (even though he was likely using the supplement at the time of the fight where he won a controversial decision over Jacare Souza), the result of that fight wasn't overturned.  His suspension will be from 1/12 to 7/12. 
  • Jon Jones opened at a -675 favorite for his fight with Ovince Saint Preux in the main event for 4/23 in Las Vegas.
  • Speaking of Jones, he said today on the MMA Hour that he's hired his nutritionist, Lou Giordano, to be his full-time driver.


  • Richard Vicek has written a book called "Bruiser," about the life of Dick the Bruiser, which is being released by Crowbar Press.
  • A story on Evolve's Matt Riddle
  • Preston City Wrestling from yesterday in Preston, England:  Martin Kirby won over Rampage Brown, El Ligero, T-Bone, Ken Anderson and Zak Knight, Bubblegum b Cedric Alexander, Roy Knight b Eddie Kingston, Jade b Martina, Charlie Garrett b Luther Ward, T-Bone won 30 man Rumble.  The show opened with a tribute to Kris Travis.  Ricky Knight, the father of Paige, was in the Rumble with sons Zak & Roy.  (thanks to Jan Buxton)
  • Grand Slam Wrestling on 4/9 in Moosic, PA for the Aggro Cup headlined by Sonjay Dutt and the Moosic Youth Center.
  • GOUGE from Saturday night in Fuquay Varina, NC:  No Direction b Team Sexxy, Mad Max Morrison b Dr Frankenrykers Monster, Chet Sterling b Seymour Snott, Otto Schwarnz b Roc Richards, Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. & Mickey Gambino NC Juan Jeremi & Waylon Maze, Timmy Lou Retton b Jakob Hammermier.  Next show is 5/14 in Smithfield, NC at the Double Barley Brewery.
  • Hoosier Pro Wrestling from Saturday night in Columbus, IN:  Dillen Swango b Eddie Felson, Cousin Cooter b Wicked Clown, Lightning Bolt b Drax O'Brien, Hayley Shadows b Jason Saint, Jimmy Valiant & Doink b Shawn Cook & Billy Bart, Flash Flanagan & promoter Jerry Wilson & ref Greg Burns b Vic the Bruiser & Timmy Danger & Daddy Danger.  Next show is 5/7.
  • Maryland Championship Wrestling on 4/9 in Galena, MD at the Volunteer Fire Department with Sean Waltman.  They have a big event on 4/23 at the MCW Arena in Joppa, MD with a meet and greet at Noon with Shawn Michaels, as well as a meet and Greet at 4 p.m. with Kip Sopp (Billy Gunn) and Waltman.  They also have a 5/13 show in Joppa, MD as a joint venture with Global Force with Jeff Jarrett, Nick Aldis, Sonjay Dutt, Christina Von Eerie, Colt Cabana and Lio Rush.  On 6/10 they will bring in Kevin Nash & Scott Hall.  On 6/18 in Waldorf, MD at Regency Furniture Stadium they have Ron Simmons, Waltman, and Sopp. and Sting will be appearing on 7/16 in Joppa, MD.
  • I Believe in Wrestling from Saturday night in Orlando:  Lince Dorado b Jon Cruz, Brandon Scherer b Faris Sibai, Josh Parker b Rey Xion, Santana Garrett & Rachel Freeman b Raquel & Tammy Lynn, Biznus Boys won four-way over Johny Vandal & Aaron Epic, Michael Patrick & Leo Brien and Pablo Marquez & CT Brown (thanks to Al Haft)
  • Acclaim Pro Wrestling on 4/30 in Ottawa and the SPK Dom Polski Polish Combatants Centre.

Today in professional wrestling history: Jack & Jerry Brisco win NWA World Tag Team Titles 

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