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Daily Update: WrestleMania Week day 5, big return planned? ROH, NXT much more

WrestleMania 32

Former WWE Champion and Olympic wrestler possibly linked with Amerian Alpha

Several sources are stating that something big is being planned for NXT tonight. The same sources have seen Iron Sheik spending a lot of time with Chad Gable and Jason Jordan. We've also heard that members of production have been asked to put together a video package comparing Sheik's amateur career to Gable's and Jordan's. What this means for tonight's NXT show is anyone's guess as this is purely speculation as nothing has been confirmed. For more information on this breaking story, click here... (before you click, check the date).

[Paul "Ace" Fontaine]

There was a major stunt being worked on and practiced yesterday afternoon. Given that Shane McMahon has stated in interviews that he will use his body as a weapon, that we all know what he is capable of doing, and that they had aired a bunch of video packages of him falling off high things, most likely it will be for the Hell in a Cell match. As of yesterday, plans subject to change, the Cell match was going on last.

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Figure Four Weekly 3/21/2016: Hulk Hogan awarded $115 million (sort of) by jury

Hulk Hogan is awarded $115 million by jury over the Gawker sex tape lawsuit. Will he collect?

Wrestling Observer Newsletter

READ IT HERE: April 4, 2016 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Wrestlemania 32 preview, Jon Jones arreste

WrestleMania 32, the Daniel Bryan story updated, the entire weekend and history of St. Louis wrestling are all part of the new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.
WrestleMania 32:  The matches, schedule, what hasn't been promoted, ticket sales, gate numbers, ticket sales and secondary market prices for all the sold out events over the weekend.
Aftermath of the Hulk Hogan/Gawker trial, what is next, Nick Denton's attempt to explain their decision, and more.
Jon Jones arrest, the key points and what he's facing. Lots more on Daniel Bryan, the retirement of Brie Bella, the WWE special on Daniel Bryan, and a lot more details of his issues and a time line of thing. Friday night's Madison Square Garden event.
A major feature on St. Louis wrestling and Joe Garagiola, the first host of Wrestling at the Chase. How powerful the show was in its heyday, when Vince McMahon promoted Wrestling at the Chase and why one of the most noteworthy moments in modern pro wrestling took place at the show. The beginnings of the show and the role Garagiola played in it. Before Sam Muchnick and Lou Thesz, the arrival of Muchnick, the heyday of Bill Longson, the Muchnick vs. Thesz feud and reconciliation, the boom and bust of pro wrestling in the 50s. Why Garagiola left the show and his last show. The colorful life of Garagiola.
SummerSlam tickets, a crazy Hulk Hogan story from years back, John Cena update, more on ESPN's coverage of WWE, WWE wrestler whose push is being rethought, Roman Reigns talks being booed, Newcomers to WWE, and more people getting looks. Global cruiserweight tournament that WWE is putting together. We also have an update on the WWE Hall of Fame.
Hodge trophy and more on the NCAA tournament in Madison Square Garden.


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A Reddit insider claimed that the new WWE Women's Title belt would be unveiled during WrestleMania. Whether that's the case or not, as noted in the Observer there was a new title belt made, it's very similar to the men's WWE Title except the color scheme is a little different and it's on a white strap. If it doesn't debut at Mania it'll almost certainly debut the next night on Raw.

NXT moved their start time up 30 minutes almost certainly to mess with ROH since the main show is still listed on the WWE Network as starting at 8 PM local time. They'll be doing some dark matches. Doors now open at 6 PM. While it does interfere with those who want to go to both ROH and NXT, the reality is that ROH sold out and they're doing fine one way or another.

Bryan and Dave will be back tonight after NXT and ROH with a new audio show.  Bryan will be attempting to do at least two shows per day every day while he's in Texas, the first two of which are already up for subscribers. Bryan, Dave, Filthy tom Lawlor and a number of others will be attending the Empire Banquet which has been moved up to 4:30 PM on Friday night. For more info on the banquet if you are in town, or any other Empire-related events, talk to Ed at f4wfan@hotmail.com.

WWE & Professional Wrestling

  • Steve Austin indicated on his podcast with Mick Foley that he didn't think it was a good idea to offer WrestleMania for free to new WWE Network subscribers.
  • The FITE.tv app is airing a ton of iPPVs this weekend from Evolve to CZW to Shimmer to the WWN Supershow.
  • This Monday, Nick Hawk of the Showtime reality show Gigolos will be in his first pro wrestling match...on the show that is. Hawk is a past BJJ world champion (2014) and NAGA champion (2016).
  • Barbie Blank (aka Kelly Kelly) is back on the second season of E’s Wags that starts in late-June.
  • New interview here with Mean Street Posse Member PETE GAS about WrestleMania, Shane McMahon and more.
  • Your WrestleMania preview with THE RYBACK.
  • Remember M.A.S.K.? Chikara’s Mike Quackenbush wants to write a reboot.
  • More Roman Reigns interviews, this time with Brian Fritz of The Sporting News.
  • Talented WWE artist Rob Schamberger always gets some media run this time of year.
  • The women behind Chikara's crazy costumes.
  • Bill DeMott was on a podcast talking about his NXT run, Internet perception of him, and more.
  • Odds for WrestleMania shifted a little today having been static since they were became live a week or so ago. Not that it's indicative of anything necessarily at this stage, but Randy Orton’s odds to win the Battle Royal halved (with Brawn Strowman still slight favourite), while Lesnar drifted and Ambrose became firm favourite.
  • Randy Orton is 36 today.



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Today in professional wrestling history: Ultimate Warrior beat Hulk Hogan in memorable Mania match

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