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Georgia Hase passes away

Georgia Hase, best known as the evil heel manager of various teams in a number of incarnations of Roller Games, passed away last night.  She had suffered a stroke during the middle of the past week.

Hase was the lead heel in a number of Roller Games and Roller Derby revivals from the late 70s until recent years.  She was a tremendous heel promo.

Hase joined Roller Games in 1961 and skated until 1964 in that league, and then briefly competed in a rival league where she was a top star until that league folded. 

She was never a main part of the glory days of either Roller Derby, which she never skated for, or Roller Games, but become a true star much later.

In the late 1970s, in a Los Angeles T-Birds revival era, she came back as a referee but the idea was to make her a heel General Manager of the Detroit Devils, and she may have been the first woman put in that role.  Her role was to play heel and be the adversary of the younger pretty women skaters, either rivals on the T-Birds, or women on her own team who would be ready for a babyface turn with a push.

She continued to be a part of revival games until last year.

"You were the best ever female manger in bank track leagues, you are missed and will never be forgotten," wrote John Hall, the longtime babyface General Manager of the rival T-Birds.