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History of SummerSlam: Observer back issue collection of the first 15 years including 2002 Hall of Fame issue

SummerSlam Special
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The 15 issues included in this special are the ones covering the first 15 Summer Slam events, which are:

September 12’88, September 3’89, September 3’90 September 6’91, September 8’92, September 6’93, September 5’94, September 4’95,
August 26’96, August 11’97, September 7’98, August 30’99,
September 4’00, August 27’01, September 2’02

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Sept. 12 (10)        Update on the Turner purchase of Crockett promotions
1988            Hisashi Shinma back in New Japan
            WWF Summer Slam ’88 8/29 card coverage
            Giant Baba Brody memorial show 8/29
    Tommy Rich turns heel in Georgia

Sept. 3 (8)            WWF  Summerslam 8/28 card coverage
1989            Ultimate Warrior wins Intercontinental title from Ric Rude
            Art Barr arrested on rape charge
            Cactus Jack Manson returning home to heal       
Lots of rumors from the NWA talent front

Sept. 3 (10)        WWF Summer Slam ‘90 8/27 card coverage
1990            NWA Meadowlands 8/24 card coverage
            Herb Abrams & UWF hold press conference
            Mean Mark gives NWA notice, he is WWF bound
            Sid Vicious status up in the air
Legal action going on between Snowman & USWA re title situation

Sept 6 (10)            Ultimate Warrior suspended
1991            Summer Slam 8/26 card coverage
            Steroid update
            Vivian Vachon passes away
            No movement on Superstar Graham lawsuit
            Flair’s lawyers contact Jack Petrick demanding retraction of Jim Herd comment
            Sting wins US title over Steve Austin
    Cien Caras wins EMLL title from Conan

Sept 8 (20)**        Summer Slam 8/29 card coverage- Bulldog wins IC title from Bret Hart
Double issue price        Multi Channel News publishes article on decline of wrestling PPV buys
1992            Best matches of the 90’s
            Looking at the Tokyo wrestling scene 92-8/10-8/23 card coverages

Sept 6 (10)            AAA threatens to be biggest promotion in North America       
1993            Summer Slam ‘93 8/30 card coverage
            AAA 8/28 card coverage
            Mitsuhiro Matsunaga jumps from W*ING to FMW
            Feud between Sandy Barr & Oregon commissioner Bruce Anderson continues
            Dustin Rhodes wins US title from Ric Rude

Sept 5 (12)            Records set at Clash of Champions XXVIII - 8/24 card coverage
1994            Summer Slam 8/29 card coverage – Razor Ramone wins IC title from Diesel
            ECW double crosses NWA via Shane Douglas win
            All Japan women 8/24 card coverage- Manami Toyota wins All Pacific belt
            Jim Ross through with WWF

Sept 4 (12)            UWFI & New Japan to combine show at Tokyo Dome 10/9
1995            Summerslam 8/27 card coverage
            Paul Heyman announced ECW is declaring war on WCW
            Broadcasting & Cable + Multichannel News run stories on Monday Nitro
            Konan spends time in jail for brawl in stands

Aug 26 (12)        WWF considering weekly Saturday Night PPV
1996            Summer Slam 8/18 card coverage
Clash of the Champions XXXIII 8/15 card coverage
Health update on Ahmed Johnson & Great Sasuke
King of Pancrase 8/16 PPV review
Giant Baba says AJPW will never do interpromotional matches       
UWFI Tokyo Jingu Baseball Satadium 8/17 card a major flop-card review

Aug 11 (12)        Steve Austin hospitalized after winning IC title from Owen Hart
1997            Summerslam ‘97 8/3 card coverage -Hart wins WWF title from Undertaker-
            Lex Luger wins WCW title from Hogan 8/4-Nitro now three hours
            Kensuke Sasaki wins NJPW G-1 tournament-Riki Choshu hospitalized
            Carlos Maynes kidnapped in Mexico after card
            Steven Regal status in WCW questionable after airline disturbance
            Psycho Sid to undergo neck surgery

Sept 7 (16)            Ric Flair believed to be returning to WCW
1998            Summer Slam 8/30 card coverage-HHH wins IC belt from The Rock
                New Age Outlaws win WWF belts from Mankind
            Decision of Catholic Youth Centre to not rent to WWF may be warning sign   
            1998 Match quality ratings
            Make up of UFC PPV continues to change due to financial cutbacks

Aug 30 (18)        WWF Summer Slam 8/22 card coverage-Mankind wins WWF title
1999            WCW morale worse over botched up powerplay attempt by Eric Bischoff
            1st ever singles match between Hogan and Bret Hart anticlimactic
            A look to the new TV season
            Ann Laverne & Walter Johnson pass away

Sept 4 (18)            Summerslam 8/27 card coverage-Chyna wins IC title
2000            Pride 8/27 card review -Kazushi Sakuraba beats Renzo Gracie
            Pro wrestling Olympians
            ECW puts on 2 of best shows in company history at Hammerstein Ballroom
            Andy Hug passes away
            Fox News runs feature on backyard wrestling
            Fishman loses mask to La Parka

Aug 27 (18)        Summerslam 8/19 card coverage-Edge wins IC, Rock wins WCW title
2001            New Japan’s Kazuyuki Fujita loses in 0:49 to Mirco Cro Cop in shoot
            Brian Johnston suffers stroke
            G-1 Climax an example of what New Japan does right
            Reviews of “Faded Glory” & “No Holds Barred: Evolution”
            Appears WWF will not air PPV on DirecTV
            Savio Vega announces retirement
            WOW magazine in grave danger

Sept 2 (18)            Hall of Fame issue-Kobashi, Toyota & McDaniel voted in
2002            Summerslam 8/28 card coverage-Brock Lesnar becomes youngest champ,
            Shawn Michaels the show stealer again, RVD wins IC title
            WWE finance review
            Tiger Ali Singh files lawsuit vs WWE
            Jacques Rougeau 8/24 card will feature the return of Bret Hart to Montreal