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SUN UPDATE: SummerSlam, Tough Enough, Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman, Rollins

Tonight's is one of the biggest pro wrestling events of the year, WWE SummerSlam from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn:

*Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker - The rematch of what is likely to go down in history of one of the most famous pro wrestling matches of all-time.  A ton of different scenarios have been speculated on.  In the end, the decision on the finish has to do with a few things, but the key being the direction they are going at WrestleMania.  Based on that, Lesnar winning and Undertaker putting his career on the line at Mania makes sense.  But they could also have Undertaker, since he's teased the heel turn, win with help of a returning Kane and using Mania as the final conflict.  Whatever it is, tonight and tomorrow's TV are likely to tell the story of Undertaker's role at Mania.

*Seth Rollins vs. John Cena for the WWE and U.S. title - This one has been debated heavily.  Cena is going for his so-called record tying 16th world title (I guess you could say pro wrestling records are fake anyway, but 16 is hardly the record as Lou Thesz and Ric Flair, among others, have had far more).  Rollins having the U.S. belt doesn't make sense right now.  The role of Sheamus and Money in the Bank was teased, but Sheamus as world champion feels like a major come down. 

*Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper - The faces have been winning most of the TV matches.  It feels like they are going to keep Reigns occupied with Wyatt for a while.

*Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens - With Owens losing so much lately, he's kind of due a win.  However, Cesaro has momentum and should be fed.  Given the New York crowd, if these two are given time, they could steal the show and will probably get a bigger reaction here than in most cities.

*Randy Orton vs. Sheamus - Orton won their last meeting.  If Sheamus is getting the title soon, it makes sense for Orton to win again, combined with his win via DQ over Seth Rollins which in theory should have him in the title picture.  On paper this should be very good.

*Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev - One would think the women would get involved and lead to the finish.  Ziggler is usually really popular to the New York Hardcore crowd.  Whatever they do is likely building to a rematch and perhaps a mixed tag or some sort of direction leading to more involvement of Lana and Summer Rae.

*Ryback vs. The Miz vs. Big Show for the IC title - The way Miz has been booked, it almost seems like he's being buried as a joke to somehow sneak over between the monsters in the same way  Daniel Bryan got his first world title with Show and Mark Henry. 

*Prime Time Players vs. New Day vs. Lucha Dragons vs. Los Matadores for the tag team title - New Day should win.  The Prime Time Players needed credibility when they took the spot of the injured Tyson Kidd & Cesaro as the New Day's rivals, so that would explain them getting the titles in the first place.  But it should be New Day's time now.

*Team PCB (Paige & Charlotte & Becky Lynch) vs. Team Bella (Bella Twins & Alicia Fox) vs. Team Bad (Naomi & Sasha Banks & Tamina Snuka - It will be very interesting how the crowd reacts here, particularly coming off Banks' great match last night in the same building.  This is an elimination match so it'll go two falls, and with all the push of the women, it'll get time.  Team PCB has been put over the most on television of the three squads.  What would make sense is Nikki Bella getting pinned in the second fall by either Banks or Charlotte and that leads to a title match.

*Neville & Stephen Amell vs. Stardust & King Barrett - Usual protocol is the celebrity goes over, in this case Stardust losing.

Lesnar vs. Undertaker was not good the last time they did it, although Undertaker got a concussion early.  I think that puts pressure on them, since one would think they're going on last and there will be great matches underneath, to put on a killer match.  I'm sure it'll be set up for that. 

There is some pressure after last night's strong show, but if last night's crowd is any indication, they can make average matches seem good, and good matches seem great.

Feedback, polls and show report requests: 

We're looking for your thoughts on SummerSlam as well as NXT for the weekend polls, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to Dave Meltzer

We're also looking for reports on the Friday night GFW tapings in Las Vegas and last night's GFW tapings in Reno.

UFC tonight as well on FS 1 

Fight Pass at 6 p.m. Eastern/3 p.m. Pacific

Misha Cirkunov (205) vs. Daniel Jolly (204)

Shane Campbell (155) vs. Elias Silverio (154.5)

FS 1 from 7 p.m. Eastern until around midnight

Chris Kelades (125.5) vs. Chris Beal (126)

Marcos Rogerio de Lima (205) vs. Nikita Krylov (205.5)

Yves Jabouin (135.5) vs. Felipe Arantes (135.5)

Sam Stout (155) vs. Frankie Perez (155.5)

Maryna Moroz (115) vs. Valerie Letourneau (116)

Olivier Aubin-Mercier (155) vs. Tony Sims (155.5)

Chad Laprise (155.5) vs. Francisco Trinaldo (155.5)

Patrick Cote (170) vs. Josh Burkman (170)

Neil Magny (170.5) vs. Erick Silva (171)

Max Holloway (145) vs. Charles Oliveira (145.5)

Raw will be tomorrow night, before the third straight sellout crowd at the Barclays Center.  It's expected to be the highest rated episode of the show since the day after WrestleMania.  Brock Lesnar and Undertaker are both scheduled for the show.

Smackdown and Main Event will be taped on Tuesday night in Providence, RI

We've got a new double issue of the Observer up on the site which, on the 55th anniversary of the birth of the AWA, features a look at the history of the AWA and the career of Verne Gagne.  The issue also covers the buildup to SummerSlam, the most detailed look at this year's G-1 Climax tournament, the History of G-1, Anderson Silva's hearing and suspension, UFC's stadium event in Australia, the death of Roller Games heel Mizz Georgia Hase, as well as the monthly WWE & TNA business rundown.


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  • Bryan and I will be back tonight covering SummerSlam as well as tonight's UFC show, and covering the rest of the news.  You can send e-mail questions for tonight or tomorrow night's show to mailbag@wrestlingobserver.com 
  • We've got a show up right now talking NXT Takeover, ROH weekend, Kana, Rousey vs. Holm, and live feedback from Pat Laprade who was at the ROH & NXT shows up right now.  Wrestling Observer Radio 8/23: WWE NXT Takeover, ROH TV tapings, Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm, more!
  • While this is not official, there are those in WWE who believe Kana has signed largely because it makes no sense to have pushed her, plus they are looking for some good working women to fill the void by the call-ups of Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch, to continue the NXT women's momentum.  If you didn't see last night's special (and it was a great show), she was shown in the crowd with Ric Flair and Sgt. Slaughter.  There is a report from Enuhito in Japan that she has already signed. 
  • Most of the "stars" shown only came out for a brief period of time, were shown on camera, and then other people sat in their seats.
  • Cesaro was taped earlier this week doing matches with both ZZ  and Josh that were to be edited for Tough Enough on Tuesday. 
  • Nothing from pro wrestling or MMA made top Google searches yesterday.  I'm figuring SummerSlam is near the top today and cracks the 500,000 barrier.  Holly Holm ended up being No. 4 on Friday with 100,000.
  • On twitter, there were 192,000 mentions of NXT, 58,400 for SummerSlam, 7,705 for Sasha Banks and 4,120 for Samoa Joe.  
  • As noted on  our audio earlier in the week, Gabe Sapolsky and Sal Houmai of Evolve were at ringside as WWE's guests at last night's show. 
  • After the success of this past week, WWE is already making plans for a similarly big SummerSlam weekend next year, in whatever city it ends up being in. 
  • ESPN on Brock Lesnar
  • Pat Laprade talks the ROH announcement of its 2016 plans with New Japan Pro Wrestling
  • Paul Heyman on Brock Lesnar
  • Ariel Helwani hosts the Heyman Hustle on Brock Lesnar and tonight's match
  • Seth Rollins talks to The Sporting News and Brian Fritz
  • From Jim Ross' show last night in New York, which drew a much smaller crowd than the last time he played at the Gramercy Theater due to NXT & ROH, from Jim Maugeri, he said Ross was funny and a terrific story teller and gave good life experience advice.  He did about two hours with 30 minutes of Q&A and plugged his autobiography.  Because of his long meet and greet, the actual show didn't start until 9 p.m..  He also laid out his booking ideas for Lesnar and Undertaker going to Mania and told stories of flying with Jim Cornette, who hates to fly, and did his usual stories about starting in wrestling under Leroy McGuirk.  This was said to be a different show than when he played the venue a few years ago.  
  • Alex Shelley suffered shattered front teeth last night after getting a knee to the face from Mark Briscoe. It was Mark's kneebrace that caught him.  Even wearing a mouthpiece didn't save him.  Shelly said that he saw spots and that his mouthpiece was also broken.    
  • ROH Final Battle tickets for 12/18, which is the last PPV of the year, and 12/19, the last TV taping of the year, are currently on sale.
  • The UFC will be sponsoring the 2015 world wrestling championships that take place 9/7 to 9/12 at The Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.  This will be the first time the U.S. has hosted the world championships since 2003 and first time ever in Las Vegas..
  • APW on 9/11 in Daly City, CA features the Bayshore Bash with JR Kratos vs. Chris Masters for the APW title, MVP vs. Dylan Drake, Juventud Guerrera vs. Joey Ryan vs. Marcus Lewis, Reno Scum vs. The Freaks, Timothy Thatcher vs. Gangrel and more.
  • GWN on 9/27 in Hamilton, ONT at the Ukranian Cultural Center.
  • Patrick Clark will be in Boston on Monday at the MWF Studios at 7 p.m. at 360 Main St. in Melrose, MA doing a sit down interview talking about Tough Enough.
  • Lone Star Wrestling on 9/26 in Cypress, TX at the VFW
  • Mecca Pro Wrestling on 9/26 in Kingston, ONT at Legion 560.
  • -Acclaim Pro Wrestling on 9/12 in Ottawa and 379 Waverly St.
  • ECCW on 9/11 in Port Coquitlam, BC at Elks Hall #49 and 9/19 in Vancouver, BC at the Russian Community Center with a three-way TLC match.
  • Tyron Woodley is in several scenes in the movie Straight Outta Compton.  He doesn't have a speaking part, but he plays a member of the rap group Da Lench Mob. (thanks to Jeff Parker)
  • Jason High and Mike Ricci have signed with World Series of Fighting.  High has fought in Dream and Strikeforce, while Ricci was a finalist in Ultimate Fighter many years back.  WSOF is back on NBC Sports on 9/18 at 10 p.m. Eastern with Justin Gaethje, their lightweight champion, who is 14-0, defending against Luis Palomino.
  • Shelton Benjamin vs. Silas Young headlines a CWE show in Sherwood, Park, Alberta, just outside of Edmonton.
  • NFC MMA on 9/18 and 10/16 at Center Stage in Atlanta.
  • Vampiro headlines for Superkick'd on 9/11 in Toronto at The Great Hall.  There will be eight matches live music and alcohol.
  • Spike TV will be debuting in The Netherlands between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. on the Nickelodeon channel, and will be airing Bellator in that country. (thanks to Bronco Groen) 
  • GLORY on 10/9 in Denver is headlined by Artem Levin (50-4-2) defending the middleweight title against Bellator's Joe Schilling (19-6 as a kickboxer).  The two split their first two fights and Glory is pushing it as the bout to decide the world's best middleweight kickboxer.
  • Border City Wrestling on 10/17 in Windsor, ONT at St. Clair College as the Doug Chevalier Memorial show.
  • On Jeopardy Kids week, there a question answer, "Kevin Nash and CM Punk became famous for doing this."  The answer they were looking for is "What is wrestling."  None of the kids on the show knew it. (thanks to Ken Raftery and Grant Zwarych)
  • Hoosier Pro Wrestling on 9/5 in Columbus, IN at the 4-H Fairgrounds with Trailer Park Trash & Flash Flanagan vs. Cowboy Marc Houston & TJ Kemp.  Jimmy Valiant will be coming for the company's 10/3 show.
  • Victory Commonwealth Wrestling on 9/13 in Toronto at Lee's Palace.
  • WWE is advertising a 9/12 house show in Huntsville, AL around Randy Orton vs. Sheamus and Ryback vs. Big Show for the IC title. (thanks to Ivan Adams)
  • Dean Ambrose interview about tonight's show
  • St. Louis Anarchy Wrestling from last night in Alton, IL:  Zakk Sawyers b Matt Cage, Alex Castle won six-way over Ricky Starks, Justin D'Air, Mike Outlaw, Mikey McFinnegan and Donovan Danhausen, Angelus Layne b Andy Dalton, Alexandre Rudolph & Jake Parnell b Danny Adams & Everett Connors, Christian Rose b Tommaso Ciampa, Steve O Reno b Sugar Dunkerton, Jeremy Wyatt b Jojo Bravo, Mat Fitchett b Paco Gonzalez, Adam Caster & Evan Gelistico b Devin & Mason Cutter, Gerald James b Davey Vega (thanks to Patrick Brandmeyer)
  • Len Rossi, a big Memphis star in the 60s and 70s, who has had a Health Food Store in Brentwood, TN for 42 years, is having that his store, being close to the road, has been condemned as the city is looking at widening the road the store is on.  Rossi doesn't own the building the store is in, so he won't be getting any money for it.  It is believed to be the oldest still surviving retail business in the city.
  • GOUGE from last night in Raleigh, NC:  No Direction b Hangtyme & Victor Andrews, Otto Schwanz b Waylon Maze, Seymour Snott b Priest, Juan Jeremi b Mikey Gambino, Timmy Lou Retton b Jimmy Jack Funk Jr.  Next shows are 9/19 and 9/20 in Raleigh outside Fayetteville St. and Martin St. for Spark CON.
  • Chuck Liddell was at the RockBar last night in San Jose for the wedding reception of Sebastian Bach.  That's the same venue Jim Ross performed at before WrestleMania.  Liddell posed for tons of pictures.  Several other rock celebrities were there but I'm told Liddell got by far the most attention.  The reception was open to the public for $175 per ticket.
  • Lucha Xtreme TV from last night in Fresno:  Marcus Eriks b Prince Nagi, Kevin El Devino b Jesse Poole-DQ, Prince Nagi & Kevin El Devino b Jesse Poole & Markus Eriks (thanks to Jon Southerland) 
  • Finn Balor talks Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa possibly ending up in NXT
  • WWE SummerSlam 2015 live results: Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker, John Cena vs. Seth Rollins
  • WWE SummerSlam 2015: The casual fan's guide to Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins vs. John Cena
  • 70s & 80s era wrestler Duke Myers passes away
  • UFC Fight Night Saskatoon live results: Max Holloway vs. Charles Oliveira
  • UFC Fight Night Saskatoon main card picks & preview, plus Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker
  • UFC Fight Night 74 Picks And Betting Game From The Secret Psychic Spy~!
  • WWE NXT TakeOver live results & main card: Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens, Sasha Banks vs. Bayley, Samoa Joe, Jushin "Thunder" Liger
  • UFC Fight Night 74 Preview: 5 storylines to watch, betting odds & predictions


1983 - Marty Jones & Clive Myers beat David Finlay & Skull Murphy (Peter Northey) to win the World of Sports tag team tournament

1986 - Yukari Omori beat Devil Masami in Kawasaki to win the WWWA title and Dump Matsumoto & Bull Nakano beat Chigusa Nagayo & Kazue Nagahori to win the WWWA tag titles

1993 - Masa Fuchi beat Dan Kroffat in Shizuoka to win the All Japan jr. title

1998 - Chigusa Nagayo beat Devil Masami in Tokyo to win the AAAW title and Aja Kong & Mayumi Ozaki beat Chikayo Nagashima & Sugar Sato to win the tag titles

1998 - AAA Psicosis & AAA Histeria & AAA Mosco & Maniaco beat Los Villanos III &* IV & V & Pierroth Jr. to win the Mexican national atomicos titles

1999 - Hayabusa beat Yukihiro Kanemaru in Tokyo to win the FMW Brass Knux title and Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Hisakatsu Oya beat Koji Nakagawa & Gedo to win the tag titles

2000 - Kensuke Sasaki beat Manabu Nakanishi in Tokyo to win the G-1 Climax tournament

2009 - Kota Ibushi beat Harashima  in Tokyo to win the KOD Open weight title.