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WWE Total Divas season 4, episode 5 recap: Daniel Bryan is injured

Season 4, Episode 6

Recap by Ryan Pike (@RyanNPike)

-Bryan's Injured (Again): The big happening this week was Bryan leaving the European tour, which we deal with after a time-warp so we're back to the United States. Basically, he's got an unspecified injury and they go out of their way to avoid talking about what the injury is, instead focusing on how Nikki's worried that Brie isn't more worried about the injury. Bryan and Brie have a chat with Nikki that amounts to “Hey, we're worried, but freaking out won't fix anything,” and she calms down a bit.

-Nattie Lies A Lot: In other news, Nattie and TJ are moving while fixing up their old house so they can sell it. Nattie lies a lot throughout this episode to TJ – notably downgrading the amount it'll cost to fix up their house by three or four times, and insisting that her sister is visiting them for a few days rather than moving in to take care of their cats while they're on the road. TJ confronts her about her lies, and after the Bellas insist that she needs to be truthful, she gathers the family and unloads all her lies on them – including hating her sister's birthday present and her wedding ring. Everyone forgives her and then shove her into the pool as penance.

-Naomi Goes Heel: Vince McMahon decides it's time for Naomi to become a bad guy, so the bulk of this segment involves her fretting about being mean to people since she's always wanted to be a good role model. Everyone tries to help her out – including Alicia Fox throwing a drink on her, prompting her to freak out at her – but finally Naomi makes her debut as a heel at Extreme Rules and really has fun with it and does a good job.

John Cena is mentioned but not seen, while Eva Marie is neither mentioned or seen. But Renee Young is on the show quite a bit, so that balances it out nicely.