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Dec 14 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Next top guy in WWE, TLC PPV picks, Covering mistakes, more~!

Les Thatcher and Victor Sosa present another fine edition of Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly!  TNA talk this week about a mistake made on Impact, what should've been done about it, psychology issues, Joe Park in OVW and some sloppy wrestling.  The talk turns to WWE where Vickie and AJ weren't as over as Vince hoped, an interesting note in the Observer about the next top guy in WWE, and the TLC PPV prediction game.  The show takes a left turn after the picks, but where else are you going to hear about wrestling, art, xmas songs, football, UFC (!) and a song that was too hot for the radio back in the day?  This show was recorded before either of us was aware of what happened in Connecticut today; our hearts go out to everyone who is suffering terribly at this time.