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Dec. 23rd Adam & Mike Show: NJPW Wrestle Kingdom preview, Tokyo Sports Awards, ROH, Hockey~!

After a slight delay, the original alternate has returned just in time to give its listeners a gift for the holidays. It's not, like, a great gift or anything. Like that bubble hockey table you always wanted, but never got. But, hey it's cool. Anyway, topics include, but aren't limited to: about 25 minutes of hockey to begin the show, the lament of Les Habitants, hot Semp-on-Quebec action, Flyers > Kings/Sabres, and then it's time for the pro-wres with a look at the PWI-esqe Tokyo Sports Awards, running down New Japan's Wrestle Kingdom VI at the Tokyo Dome, what to make of Goto and Naito in 2012, thank you Mexico, all warm and fuzzy for Ring of Honor Final Battle, and much more on the radio show that's here to help you fire up your yule log; It's the Adam & Mike BHIGH AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here at F4WOnline.com.

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