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Dec 25 - DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Dr. Keith's Presents!!! (Round 2 of the Christmas Party!)

DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Dr. Keith's Presents!

As promised ROUND 2 of the DKP Christmas Party is here and this time we're joined by your DKP regulars, your DKP favourites, your DKP STALWARTS.... Justin, Eamo and Dean! First up, Dean and Alan break out The ProWres Viewing Machine featuring two promising rookies, ladders, guillotines, ass based offense, and a special Christmas treat from Texas. Plus Dean has a HUGE announcement of something great coming in the New Year. Then we wrap up the Christmas Party as we did last year - with Alan, Justin and Eamo talking nonsense. The guys try to steal a page from Bryan & Vinny and fail miserably so they resort to their comfort zone - porno versions of wrestler names. So everyone have a great Christmas and of course.... CHECK IT!!!

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