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December 21 2006 Figure Four Daily

Dave Meltzer returns to Figure Four Daily today to discuss as much news as we can fit into 30 minutes (he’s doing two issues again this week). We’ll discuss the biggest news stories of 2006, look forward to 2007, examine the impact the 60 Minutes piece had on both IFL and UFC, talk about the single dumbest thing I have personally heard relating to TNA all year long, run down the WWE and TNA PPVs from the past two weeks, contemplate the buyrate for Tito vs. Chuck (will it break 1 million buys?), TUF 5 and why the coaches are fighting for free, Dave’s vacation next week and where he’s going, the Joe vs. Angle program and what is and is not working, K-Fed, PRIDE’s future, the Showtime promotion, and tons more!

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