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December 25 2006 Bryan and Vinny Show

We're finishing up a very busy day today with the Friday night Bryan & Vinny Show, recapping, ECW, TNA, Smackdown and Ring of Honor! Some good action this week, particularly from Smackdown (Benoit vs. Finlay, Jimmy Yang vs. Gregory Helms and Regal vs. Kendrick) and Ring of Honor (Aries & Strong vs. Dragon Gate and Bryan Danielson vs. Lance Storm). We'll discuss who the best worker currently in WWE might be, how well ECW and Smackdown built towards PPVs, some horrible TNA booking that will only get worse, and more! Together with the Skag Rollins and Dave Meltzer Figure Four Dailies, that's three-and-a-half hours of audio content, so get to it!

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