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December 29 2006 Adam and Mike Show

The intentions were to do a 20-minute show, that had nothing to do with wrestling or MMA, to prevent any sort of rioting from THE BOARD~! Instead, it's an hour show that sort of has to do with wrestling and MMA, and could possibly sound like riot. It all will depend on how the Levelator levelates the off-topic topics that include, but are not limited to: No show = Better thread, Hockey, Barack Obama, Hockey, Adam Summers: The Weak Immunity System Starmaker, The UFC's newest heavyweights, Hockey, Responding to repetitive F4D guests, Delaware's favorite twin brother tandem, Jody Vance's wardrobe, Hockey, Ant vs. Hydra - and their wardrobes, Neville pulls guard, Hair vs. No Hair. And did we say Hockey? Yes kids, the year ends better than it began on the world's most eccentric and omnipotent radio program covering canvassed-matted madness: The Adam and Mike Big Audio Nightmare, proudly here at F4WOnline.com~!

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