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December 9, 2002 Observer Newsletter: Death of Mr. Wrestling, more

Among wrestlers who worked with him in the Carolinas during the mid-70s, the first story told about Tim Woods is one that for years was kept within the fraternity as one of the biggest secrets.

In the October 4, 1975 plane crash near Wilmington, NC that ended the wrestling careers of Bob Bruggers and Johnny Valentine, and in which Ric Flair suffered a broken back that put him out of action for four months, there was a fourth wrestler on the plane. Tim Woods.

Woods was headed to a match in Wilmington where he was going to wrestle Valentine in the main event. Because the plane crash drew significant media publicity, Woods took the bullet for the team. He checked out of the hospital the next day, claiming to be fine, even though he was banged up really bad and could barely move.

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