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DR. KEITH PRESENTS: All of the Eamo!!!

WrestleMania has come and gone. Japan has come and gone. But the world continues. The DKP continues. Three men stand tall, but for one of these men standing tall is not enough. For he must not just stand, he must SOAR!!! He must soar to new heights and take his place amongst the podcast Gods with a 2 hour tour de force that cannot possibly be matched. This week on the DKP, young Eamo was Just Eamonn for the stars with a mighty performance that left Alan and Justin standing and applauding......well, for a time, before Eamo's outlandish egotistical showstealing needed to be taken care of. Yes it's the official wrap up of the Just Eamonn For Mania series, it's the story of Eamo's travels, all he did, all he saw, all his uncensored hot takes (that's a lie because most of those were off-air) and much more. A show for the ages! CHECK IT!!!

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