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DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Headshrinker Fatu as a missile!

The DKP is back with maybe our most unique episode yet! In this FREE show, our resident childhood memories specialist Mike "The Falcon" Falcone joins Alan to discuss THE HASBRO FIGURES!!! Not sure what the Hasbro figures are?? Well then you must be a lousy stinking 22 year old or something! Us children of the early 90s were obsessed with the little 5 inch wonders that were WWF's collectible figurines of the day.

Alan and Mike discuss every wrestler from every series, our memories, our favourites, the matches we used to have and our brilliant childhood innovations. Were you a fan of The Undertaker and his lovely coat? The Mountie and his shock-stick? Or perhaps Sgt. Slaughter and his pointy finger?? No matter what, this is the show for you. The definitive show discussing the Hasbro goodness (as far as we know) and two hours of fun times! CHECK IT!!!

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