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DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Joe vs. The Evolve!!!

Photo by Joseph Currier

We're joined by podcast royalty this week on the DKP, as the man who was Alan's first ever guest all the way back in 2009 drops by!

Yes, Joe Gagne is back on the show, having attended the debut event in MA for EVOLVE. This came as part of a double-shot weekend which also featured a big show in Queens which Alan watched on WWNLive.

The guys talk both shows. who the most impressive wrestlers were, and what matches delivered the goods.

Also discussed is the overall direction of EVOLVE, the link up with WWE/NXT, the buzz of the Cruiserweight Classic and more. There's even about 30 seconds of Zero 1 FIRE FESTIVAL talk because it's a show with Alan and Joe, and that's what happens.

A show that's probably not quite as epic as Ryota Hama vs. Fujita Jr. Hayato, but well worth a listen regardless! CHECK IT!!!

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