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DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Just A to Z's!!! Mmmmm!

It’s a gigantic DKP this week as Eamo and Justin make their long awaited returns to the show as we resume the award winning JUST A TO Z series which has been on hiatus since November! The lads tackle the letter M as if they played in front of Gianluigi Buffon, leaving no stones unturned. Ok that’s a lie as many stones are left unturned in lieu of Roman Reigns debates that have nothing to do with the letter M, reviews of Alan & Eamo’s Tuesday night at NXT and other tangents.

Nevertheless, there is still plenty of M related content for you fine listeners to enjoy. For instance, Maven and the benefits of the Simon System, Magazines, Matt Hardy’s castle, Molly Holly and so much more! If you missed your boys then you’ll be delighted to know they haven’t missed a beat. A fun show for you and yours! CHECK IT!!!

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