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With the NJPW Best Of Super Juniors, All Japan's Champion Carnival, BJW's Strong Climb, wXw 16 Carat Gold and PROGRESS' Super Strong Style 16 - it's been the year of the great wrestling tournaments but the leader in the clubhouse thus far, and the tournament that has set the marker down for the G1, the CWC and the Super J Cup, was Dragon Gate's King Of Gate!

Alan watched it all as did his guest this week: THE GURU OF GRAPPLING Mr. Joe Lanza! Alan and Joe talk all the best matches, the breakout stars, the stories of the tournament and so much more. The Dragon Gate wrestlers are among the best in the world and they don't get enough credit. This week, the DKP shines a light on a very deserving promotion! It's a must for DG fans but also a show worth checking out if you just wanna get excited about pro wrestling!


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